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The Channel Fleet

One quick personal painting, think its time to leave the sailships for some time.
I really like ironclad ships, wonders of the victorian engineering. Most of them never fough in any war, but their look is impresive. This battleships were the most advanced machines build in 19th century.
My other goal is to make a stormy sea, so you can tell me how it looks. And I really like the location on the picture, it is the Solent straigt near Needles in South England.

The whole picture was done in some 4 evenings about 15 hours together. Just photoshop and wacom intouos+some photos of the ships for reference.
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Beautiful work, the ships look pretty accurate to the period, did you model them for specific ships or just in general ships of the era?
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Way too talented for words . . . .
Victorian engineering was impressive. The transition from sail power to steam produced some interesting designs .
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Excellent painting, and your whole gallery is impressive!
As to the stormy sea; I affirm what TigerStryke noted - its a good rendering of the surface, but not a storm.  
Even though it was many years ago, but I still remember doing search and rescue missions in the Aleutian Chain in a U.S. Navy tug (USS Choanoc ATF 100).  A Fleet Tug is an ocean-going vessel, about the size of a WW II Destroyer Escort. I remember storms where the bow would completely disappear under the water.  Even in Adak, Alaska harbor the seas were so rough one time that several of our three-inch mooring lines broke.
If you get a hold of the old Victory at Sea films (they're available on CD), there is a lot of excellent storm footage in there.
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your stormy sea, while EXCELLENT for what I might call "Post-storm" or a "Squall-Sea", ((as these two scenarios would present a more calm sea-scape)) is not choppy or high enough for a true sea-storm.

On the other hand, it is VERY VERY VERY WELL-EXECUTED!!!
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Amazing Image.

Quick question, whats the best way to achieve the detail in the clouds, I am currently designing a piece and I am having trouble with my sky.
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I always liked these "early modern" ships and such, where the technology was still pretty new. For example the early 1900s and late 1800s
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freaking awesome! its rare to see stuff like this for pre-dreadnoughts (or dreadnoughts for that matter). really nice job!
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thank you. those are my favourite. 
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You're welcome, I really like the Dreadnought and pre-dreadnought era. 
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Грандиозно! Дух викторианской эпохи!
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The Royal Fleet in the days of Sir George Tryon.
I don't know, they look more like armorclads that ironclads. Nevertheless, this is made of awesome.
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Very inspiring work. I really like your art work.

I have been doing mostly Aircraft but have started somr ships for a change.

Cheers, Mike
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This oozes atmasphere. Well done.
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EPIC! better than a movie
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reminds me of the war of the worlds.
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I love the atmosphere and the depth of it. Very nice!
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just as a side note, no large ships can pass between the IOW needles and the mainland because it isn't dredged deep enough.
hence why all of the forts out in and around the solent are positioned to deffend portsmouth (where i live) from attacks by sea from the east entrance to the solent.

just wanted to say that, in case you dint know it =P
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