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The Battle

Im starting to post some pictures from last year, They are done for total war game.
This is a huge 18th centure battle somewhere in Scotland. It was a bit hard picture for me because the numbers of soldiers.

Very hard to paint the right atmospere, I was almost lost in the lines of men. Some of the important soldiers are done with the help of my friend chris, who can paint humans really good.
Atmosphere was most important in this work, so rain and wind cant stop the british infantry from figting.

Done in photoshop +wacom tablet, some 30 hours.
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Interesting. But the biggest battle in Scotland during the 1700's was Culloden, and it was largely English artillery which made that the disaster it was for the Scots.

Minha imagem preferida de todos os tempos.

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You perfectly depicted, but whom? killer invaders who came to a foreign land?
Looks like Scottish weather to me , hard to keep their powder dry.
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That's gorgeous!
You did a fantastic job. The picture feels so life like.
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This is a outstanding piece of work!! Its really cool looking like something that would be in a museum!!
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Impressive! I'm in awe!
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Could I use your works. for music cover art? I would give you credit for it..?
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How much do you charge for something like this? I'd like to commission you if you have the time. 
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hi. Its quiet old picture:). now I can do better. so please send me a note.
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Holy crap. This is incredible.
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A powerful piece. Well done!
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Whoa! I recognize this from the game. I loved it!
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This is incredible.
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Everything is mixed perfectly to make this one of my favorite battle artwork ever. I'm glad I found this.

Favorite part? Definitely the flags. Lighting is very well done. Atmosphere is perfect. You could take away the battle and I'd still like it, honestly. <3
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Searched for 'battle' and yours was the most eye-catching. Awesome artwork!!!
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looks very cool , i like colors and the beackground !!
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very historical piece. it really gives thought to the time and events that took place. i think that its really important for a piece of art to capture not only excellent visuals but also cause invigorating thought. It is rare for me to find a piece that makes me think as much as this one. good job.
Seriously did you work for CA back in 08?

I also just happened to find this again.
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I am a fan of your work, I like the artwork of the battles of the eighteenth century, which honor to talk to you about .. greetings from Ecuador.
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