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The Armada

In the summer of 1588, one hundred and thirty ships carrying 30,000 men set out to conquer England.This is my vision of the glorious moment when the fleet is leaving Lisbon. In the foreground is the flagship San Martin. Ships design is based on reference plans that I could find on net. But its not much there about those spanish galleons of this age. So I must use my imagination
All is done in photoshop, +wacom, in about 20-30 hours
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Hello, just wanted to let you know that some guy on facebook just put a bad filter on your picture and signed it, he is saying that it's an oil painting he made in the 86 (yeah, it's even a middle age man, not just a stupid teenager).…

I know you'll probably never read this and you'll probably won't care, but... I would have liked to know, so I'm letting you know. :)
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Absolutely spectacular!
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So you painted it?

Because it appears in quite a few YouTube-videos. :)
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Maybe you should do a follow up pic of them coming ba.... oh...
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I so love your work, I need to start collecting it for real!!!
Simply amazing!
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Nice work, specially with the San Martín, (São Martinho is the real name, but...) a ship described as big for it's time, the proud of portuguese navy at that time. After many defeats, almost all ships didn't survived, but the São Martinho did, like a proof of the portuguese superiority over the spanish in building and mantaining ships. Is sad thinking that Portugal never returned to be the "Ruler of the Seas", but this is amazing when I remenber that if they did, Brazil's independence would be much harder. I you need more pieces of information, there is something in sites of both brazil and portugal. Yes they in Portuguese, the language of Camões, but they worth the translation.
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The San Martin reminds me a little of the french galleon La Couronne beautiful work by the way.

Well done and encore! I raise a glass to thy skill!
:ahoy: rvmp :ahoy: rvmp :ahoy: rvmp
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Hmmmmmm.... I sense some perspectivic errors. In comparizon to all other ships behind, the flagship is too large for the position it is. And the flagship's hull also seems to contain some perspectivic errors, related to the sides and front dimensions: the combination front/side looks too much like a flat wall, not rounded enough. Hope you get the idea based on my poor wording.   :-)

Technically a great jop (colors, contrast, etc.).
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Stunning colors and light, but there is a problem with the flags on top. Those flags should wave according to direction of the wind. Best regards.
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this is so awesome
Looks real beautiful
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Another stunning piece. I have to say, your sail ships are one of the highlights of this site for me. Gorgeous.
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Impressive painting! :wow:
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Beautiful image! Good job ![link]
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another amazing piece of work
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What are you? A genie or something on the order? Your work is amaizing. I really have big respect in front of you.
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Mi Espana should've won. it is so sad.
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It's too bad the high and mighty armada lost... :I
But it was a good effort! And this is a SPECTACULAR drawing!

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when i read stephen kings book "duma key" a haunting painting of a ship is described. i imagined this but forgot where i had seen the painting. so cool!
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