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September 22, 2008
Study Of Light by *Radojavor
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Study Of Light

Another one of my older works, about 2 years old. This time I was trying to paint the light and do a fast painting practise. So this was a rather quick sketch for me (9hours), also because I have an Inspiration. Its not as detailed, I want to keep it more rough, the main focus is just light. I have some reference photos for the architecture from St.Peters in Rome. The photo was not mine but It helped me a lot by this picture:)
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DCJBeers's avatar
Very well done!
Dragoi98's avatar
think i can use this for my study of light dragon?
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I've seen this on so many websites featuring so much concept art and I finally found it. I'm so happy!
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nixops's avatar
fantastic! with light like that any building can be a cathedral
BillyNikoll's avatar
A creative artwork.
This is truly wonderful :)
anno78's avatar
Beautiful, atmospheric,  and stunning.
KrystalCroft's avatar
This looks really amazing! I really like the setting of the light. It is really a great piece of art. :star:
MissAnellie's avatar
It reminds me so much of the St. Peters Church. Amazing light effects, gives a good feeling.
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mas que estudio de luz, CLASE de luz
DCJBeers's avatar
How completely wonderful
ChloexBowie's avatar
Just incredible! Heart 
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Ahhh. I was like, "This place looks familiar. It looks like St. Peters" (reads the Description) "Ohhh! I was right! Haha" I miss St. Peters. It was soo BEAUTIFUL! Just looking at this made me have a MAJOR flashback! I love this piexe :)
ValentinaWhite's avatar
Oh, well, you totally got the light!
It really stands out and seems so natural and realistic... This is such a great artwork :heart: really really love it!
Binnkkyy's avatar
This is stunning! Im trying to find some good books on painting light, any suggestions?
Wonderful, once again!
NikolleIce's avatar
what program did you use at this awsome artwork?
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this one is just amazing. between the architecture and lighting effects it's breathtaking
profutur1971's avatar
Beautiful image ! Good job ![link]
tonystardreamer's avatar
This is definitely worth the DD
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