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As promised, one interesting wwI plane. I paint it because I really like the unusual design. Its an austria-hungarian figter nicknamed Starstrutter or flying coffin:)
Second thing is that Im coming from the same city as the pilot of this plane. He was the best pilot from hungary in wwI. On the picture he is defending the port on adriatic against Italian bombers.

Technically, I had a 3d model done by my friend which was used for basic perspective. Rest is painting in photoshop with a big help from custrom brushes done by other frined. But generally I went to sligtly different and more dramatic style. So dont know if it was succesfull, you can tell me how you like it. Or dislike:)
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I have the same model, but never got around to putting it together.  But once the holidays are over, I'm going to modify it into an aircraft along the lines of Mike Doscher's 'Spacecraft of the First World War', but he fighting was on Mars.
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I'm glad to have found you on Deviantart !
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I like it. The view, the feel and the houses beneath looks so great and interesting. :) You did a real good job here.
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Wow! - The picture has an incredible speed! :jarkinajar:
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I love the detail that you put into even the ship in the background. Awesome perspective too!
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Beautiful. I love your work! :D
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Nice picture! :D
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Love the gun bus on his 5.
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der beste östereich-ungarnische jägerpilot war das nicht Gudwin Brumowksi?
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This one was the best Hungarian. Even he was half Slovakian, born in Presburg.
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Interesting picture. I was never aware of most of the WW1 planes except the more obvious one. Really well done though, on all level(atmosphere, detail, colorwork, ...).

+fav :)
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What are the two aircraft in this picture?
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some italian farmans
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Paintings to get drawn in to!


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I think you hit the mark on this one. It really is dramatic. I feel like the plane is about to come bursting out of the computer screen.
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sweeet!!!this reminds of a pic I would I would have hanging on the wall when I was kid
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Your paintings of WW1 airplanes really fascinate me :D keep up the good work!
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love the ship in the background...
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