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Spring In Ukraine

Just a little picture inspired by the events in this severely tried land. I would like to show my support to the brave people there. 

In the spring Ukrainian airborne units started to push the russians. 

All done in photoshop in some 5 evenings after the study of BMD-2 photos.
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I really like your work. Many thanks.
Let your paintings have small technical inaccuracies, but they very accurately convey the spirit.
Glory to Ukraine.
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Galichian soldier, what you doing on the foreign land? Go home, to your wife and children. You not must die.
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Awesome work, thumbs up for the atmosphere also :D (Big Grin) 
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Слава Україні! Слава нації!
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You certainly have a talent for bringing a scene to life, as well as the staccato report of the main gun I can almost hear the rain falling through the trees and splattering into the many muddy puddles of the road.  It's like a scene straight out of one of those many console shooters set in some crumbling fictional former Soviet state, however, it is unfortunately very real.

My one point would be the flag, if the rain is falling the direction it is, would the flag be fluttering in the direction it currently is or should it be on the other side of the antenna?
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thank you, you are right with the flag. I forgot about the wind. 
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+5+ гарно і... сумно
I love the accent of the fire and how relevant the painting is.
I very much like this art, but firstly, it is the new Ukrainian government that is in the wrong, and secondly, there is no winning against Russia, now in Ukraine, not on their doorstep.
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why do you think that anybody here is interested in your political opinions. Its an art forum, so don't pollute it with silly comments. 
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Because it is political art, you started "pollution with silly comments" in your description.
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Personally, I think Russia still lives in the 19th Century mentality of Tzardom, where the Eastern and Central Europeans were just chess pieces for them to move around. They don't get that the rest of Europe moved on. Even Serbia realizes it has more to gain from the EU than distant Moscow.
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Дякую за роботи. Я волонтер. Бачу такі картинки наживо!
An excellent demonstration of European idiocy.
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Ähm you know that russia started the war?
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Ты дебил или как, или в жопу об косяк?
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Believe me, ;) not everyone here in Europe is so blinded by fascistic Hatred and/or Stupidity.
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This piece has wonderful atmosphere. 
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