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August 1, 2012
Space Marines by *Radojavor
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Space Marines

A Homage to the warhammer world, especially to space marines. It captures the fierce attack of my favourite blood angels space marines. Vehicle designs based on WH40K universe. I want that everything in this picture is reddish, like the name of this marine chapter. Was fun doing it, especially the signs of the chapter. For right perspective I have used boxed 3d models. Picture has a one year, so its not new. But now I see some weak point on the city behind. All is done in photoshop.
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© 2006 - 2021 RadoJavor
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Blitzgob's avatar
2006... I wish W40k never changed.
But it did, and now it's such a crap it's pissing me off
White0222's avatar
I've just solved the mystery of this picture... Seen it in so many warhammer videos who couldn't name the original source, and here it is!
Great work, you were the one that made me collect Astartes.
RadoJavor's avatar
thats an honour, its one of my firt images on computer, used many times by variuos people:)
White0222's avatar
Keep it up, though personal favourite of mine would be the Halo universe. Could you make anything to hearts desire with that?
otomen-nick's avatar
ultramarines, sons of ultrammar and black templar always were my faves
MercofDeath's avatar
May I use this in a video of mine?
FAT-FRUMOS's avatar
Так это твой арт?!
GasmaskTrenchcoat's avatar
"None can stop the crusade of the righteous."
BlackThemplar's avatar
fuck this is an awsom warhammer drawing god job 
catgoblin's avatar
this is awesome
PhoenixxDD's avatar
Beautiful work. Brilliant coloring and excellent movement.
jannadann's avatar
Love them marines!!
Wow. Intense work mate. Love it!
SapphireCityMedia's avatar

Hello, your artwork has been featured in this journal . It would be great if you could drop a comment. Everyone’s opinion is needed on this.

AnimusMaster's avatar
this is very nice well done, thou wish i could do that
thepoweroflogic's avatar
Sanguinias himself would praise this lighting and intensity.well done!
Menadis's avatar
No mercy for the missguided!
blackcore11's avatar
You should get a job with Games Workshop.
Coconutdawn's avatar
1: I love space marines
2: I love Blood Angels
3: I love art
This captures all three, great picture and attention to detail. love it especially the sense of light coming in from the background.
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