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Snowy Tiger

I found my old painting, one of the first I've ever done and forgot about it. It has a bit Christmas of atmosphere, so after small overpaint I could post it here. I hope its not too depressive, even its showing winter 1944 in Germany.
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A Tiger lies in waiting in the cold snow, patiently waiting for it's prey. 
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Well done!! :icontxrabbit:
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WOW! This work is incredible! How do you do it? Everytime I paint my work ends up looking like Van Gough! The detail in this piece is impeccable. 10/10 you have my vote if you are looking to put it in a contest.
I almost dropped my coffee! Fantastic!
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Stunning painting there of a knocked out Tiger and the airplanes and everything :D
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I would fuckin pay to have this on my wall!!!!
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This is an amazing drawing.
The details and shading are amazing,
this is my favorite drawing of the Tiger.
I love the amount of detail though,
the snow and the battlefield being destroyed really brings out something.
I really like this.
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This is now one of my favourite things around DA.

Great work! :)
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Incredibly good painting.
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It looks like a true predator that's toughing out the cold and is always on the lookout for prey.
Tiger tank: "Sherman tanks beware!"
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you should post this as fan art here I bet you would win something as this is great they have prizes for great fan art all the time. [link]

good luck and very well done!
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One fact. During Christmas, there waould be a ceasefire on both sides to celebrate the holiday for just a little bit. When German and English troops did the ceasefire, they were said to have played football :D.

Like the winter wonderland-in spite-of-war thing you did here :D
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That was in World War 1, and only the first year f the war, 1914. After that it was forbidden by officers of both sides.
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Well done, this is fantastic.
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Wow, really great artwork- as usual :)
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WOW!! what a coincidence after a longtime I have got this image on DA i was used to use it as a wallpaper.
love this image a lot!!
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very cool a great pic
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This seems like that scene from Enemy At The Gates but with a Tiger :D
And lets face it, everythings better with a Tiger (in your tank) :3 Only people who had the collectible toy tanker truck get that referance :P
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Awesome sketch
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ooooh,the tiger!
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Graet snowy tiger tank
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