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Royal Dockyards

A new recreation of my old space ship. Light Cruiser Belfast in orbital shipworks over Earth.This is my vision of a real space vessel, how it will look in 23th century.
Diffrent style for me, but I needed something else than a historic war themes, for a momet:). The picture was a slow process, ship perspective is basen on one simple half'n hour 3d model, so it was easier to paint. My goal was to paint something sligtly diffrent from the clasical sci-fi pictures, and I really enjoyed it.

Photoshop and tablet as usuall.
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super cool design and work:) (Smile):) (Smile)
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Im in the royal navy :) 
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Awesome Image! Nice realistic concept! :D
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Beautiful image! Good job ![link]
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A little different from the current HMS Belfast (currently moored, on display on the Thames in London)!
An impressive picture which encapsulates the feeling of the scales (vast in comparsion with people, and not quite so vast when compared to the rest of the universe!) involved.
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This great work has been featured in news article [link] :heart: :hug:
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This is really a cool perspective. I have no idea why no one has thought of it before. Good work!
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Great vision of what things could have been.
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If only the british navy wasn't so broke and if only we reached this stage in space travel... *sigh* This piece truly is the essence of all I dream about.
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I hope they will survive till future times. I know they have financial problems now.
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Well If I had the money I would try to help bail them out and maybe even invest in a company that could make this a realty... It is one of my dreams to see regular trips to Mars or even just in orbit of the earth in something big and habitable. HMS Beagle or something to take scientists to mars and so on.
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You are amazing. Simply amazing
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Its really awesome.
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Excellent detail! keeps the eyes busy... well done!
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Can't see the guns, you need guns on a cruisers. (this was a 50%/50% joke) but overall i like it a lot! I see you pay attention to details! :D
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there are four weapon turrets. two in the front ant two on the top and bottom or arms.
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nice concept. I do like to see a realistic design every now and again
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Looks really good. I like the idea of realistic sci-fi.
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Wow!! The British in space is a neat idea. You make things so real! Thanks Radojavor!
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