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This year is 70 years anniversary of the famous UFO crash in new mexico. I think this crash is a grandfather of many good scifi stories. One of my older pictures I almost forget about. 
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I knew it! Dr. Jones was at the Roswell Crash
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That looks awesome.
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Holy, epically wondrous! This Majestic Roswell UFO Crash Site is stunning and The Investigators look incredible! The designs, space ship, helicopter, machinery, debris, suits, top hats, masks, cars, mountains, ledges, cliffs, terrain, smoke, mist, sky, clouds, boulders, grass, plant life, alien leftovers, interactions, poses, expressions, sunlight, gleam, glow, shadows, haze, decor, flow, movement, effects, realisticness, perspective, atmosphere, hues, textures, concept, composition, uniqueness, lighting, colors, style, and other details are also sensational! Amazingly radical work! :iconfantasticplz:
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awesome work
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this is perhaps the most compelling evidence of UfO s to date!

the witnesses were 4 F-4 pilots and thousands of civilians.
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it look so awsome :)
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Although I don't believe it was a genuine alien spaceship, this is a fantastic piece of fantasy art. The tilted horizon is just one great element in this piece. BTW, I remember reading in the NY Times in 1989 that the balloon wasn't a weather balloon, but rather a then super secret atomic radiation detection high altitude balloon, so they almost encouraged the "cover" story of aliens or a weather balloon. NO way to know for sure, but seems highly likely to me at least. Is that the "Cancer Man" in the hat? (X-files). 
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I don't think it is the Cancer Man. I think it Dr. Henry Indiana Jones Jr.
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What happens when you're on an reconnaissance mission above an alien planet and you crash land?
A primitive indigenous lifeform will swarm over your landing place and use their primitive tools to poke you and barbarously cut you into pieces.
If we ever find a planet with some life form, we should be extremely cautious, as our expedition crew can meet the same fate
Bob emoticon: Gulp 
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That's some weather balloon.

Good work.
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Neat! Makes me wonder if aliens have ever landed on earth before in the last 100,000 years. You'd think that with how much technology has advanced we would have an answer to whether or not advanced alien life exist by now.
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Rather a strange looking weather balloon, as some accounts would have it...
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classic moment of the history
Great work, as usual.  Not that I believe an alien ship crashed there.  ^_*
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Beautifully realised! Though, from what I recall, I think the witnesses described it as having a mostly triangular shape, not disc. I'll have to check...

For the commenter above, there was an attempt to explain it all away as part of Project Mogul, but the dates apparently didn't match up.
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