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Republic cruiser

Ok, here it is. My favourite ship form Star Wars. Its not very well-known, maybe because it was seen only for some seconds at the beginig of episode one. But i think the design of it is great. Corellian diplomatic cruiser, lost years ago on some dark planet. I hope I can make some story about it, maybe connected with some other SW pics in the future.
Strarted as a quick pic, but somehow i started to play with details so it was about 30hours at the end. Wacom intuos+photoshop as always.
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very cool! i've always liked that ship design. one of the very very few things The Phantom Menace had going for it.

I noticed the droid and what looks like an emergency communication set up!

Looks like the droid is the only one left. Perhaps if it can be reactivated it will tell the story of this sad wreck.
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You should try your hand at doing a piece based on Legend of the Galactic Heroes. The scope is really epic.
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didn't know this story
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Give it a watch. I think you might like it.…
What program do most people use to draw these pictures/paintings? Great Star Wars painting, this is awesome. I'd like to do Boba Fetts ship soon.
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just photoshop
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wow..great work! might this be available as an eBook cover? do let me know?
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you want to use it?
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Yes perhaps...would there be a cost for it or??
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send me a note please. 
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Yes, I like your "Republic Cruiser" and wondered if it might be available as a Kindle eBook cover? I'd have to modify it slightly....but am interested.

Let me know?
This picture and your artwork in general is amazing! Could I use it as a background for my website with credits??
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probably the owner of star wars doesn't like it. 
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Wow! What a great find!!
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I remember when I first saw this years ago, I did a double-take at the rain and wondered if it was really raining or not, and what if it was actually a seed-storm from all of the plant-life in that area. 
That just seemed so surreal that I can't look at the picture the same, whatever the case it's so beautiful! Good job!    Clap 
Hi, I was just wondering if I would be able to use this image as official concept art for a Star Wars game that I am developing as I currently do not have an art department, you will of course be credited in the completed version of the game. Thank you for reading this :)
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I hear you. The space craft designs out of Star Wars are just magnificent, basically the best ones in whole science fiction ever. Many of them don't make sense in logic means, but that doesn't count for this one. A very nice ship design.

And that goes along with your picture, which is extraordinary content. The scenery and atmosphere is great in this picture, and I would enjoy seeing a story around all this. Grade A work!
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Okay. This is extraordinary. Great job. Cheers!
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This is great, and I love the added detail of what I assume is a distress beacon...
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