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April 5, 2007
Pioneer Sky by *Radojavor - One of the most technically detailed and incredible wallpapers I've seen come through the wallpaper gallery in a very long time. This is truely worthy of a DD.
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Pioneer Sky

My second airplane pic in my current serie. Italian Caproni 3-engined bomber, year 1916. It was one of the best bombers of ww1. I was fascinated how odd and fragile it looks and want to paint it immediately. However there were many brave men who fight in this fragile machines. Done for my relax purely. Thanks for your commnets. i used a simple 3d model as a reference for perpective, and some old photos of this craft.
Done in photoshop cs3 +wacom int -3 cca 15-20 hours.
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Always felt sorry for the rear gunner standing in that cage above the pusher engine.

Love this image.
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finally some attention of the Italian front! Love the pic man! Hope you do more awesome stuff like this! Maybe try and make art of the fronts people usually forget about like Serbia or Irak for the British push towards Baghdad.
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I wish I have more time for that. now just focusing on work stuff.
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Great detail and lighting. Hope you do more of the old airplanes. 
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Love the detail and colouring. I also like the attention to lighting, brilliantly composed :) 
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Really nice ! 
Hi, since this image is CC-licensed, I was wondering if I could use it on a internal page of a partwork collection sold in newsstands. Do you think this is a "commercial use"? Your image wouldn't appear on the issue's cover, and I'd credit you for it. Let me know, thank you very much! 
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send me a mail with some more details.
Ok. Where do I find your email address?
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It's like Ghibli's Porco Rosso became super serious. :) Awesome painting!!!!
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Amazing piece of tin, 'Tis.
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Waw, 15-20 work hours certainly not misplaced!
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Really great work. The background is phenomenal too.
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Quite terrific. I love your historical work. Well done.
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this is all kinds of awesome
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Love your works! This one is one of my favourite!
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I really like your work. Great job.

Cheers, Mike
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