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Old Submarine

Just some newer picture done for my mate's project. Its a scene from post-apocalyptic future. The theme is really great for me, so there will be more pictures soon. Older damaged submarine is repaired to use it as energy source.

Done in some 25 hours, was a bit complicated painting. I used many photos of the actual dockyard for an inspiration.
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Nicely detailed. It tells a story.

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I always have the utmost respect for any artist who can produce absolutely stunning pieces of digital work from scratch. This work here is no exception.

Although a lot of the objects in the scene are quite dark, the detail and forms of the objects are neatly picked out with strategically-placed shafts of light.

It doesn't just feel as though I'm looking at a flat image on a screen, here. I almost feel as though I can actually reach into the image. That, to me, is the making of a good piece of art when the viewer knows it's just a flat rendering, but is able to suspend their disbelief and almost imagine it to be real.

Another neat tough is how everything almost points to the left-hand centre of the backdrop.
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If this painting was intended as a pre-production painting for a film or animation project, then you have succeeded. The mood is bleak as a post-apocalyptic world should be. Yet there is hope in the scene, seen through the break in the clouds in the distance. This was accomplished very well in the artwork for the last Star Wars film. This shot will be great if the finished product is half as good. The only thing that I would change, is the submarine itself. It should be a little bit more visible and not blend into the background so easily.
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form and content:
a large submarine in an interesting landscape. very post-apocalyptic because we see scraps of metal everywhere as they were destroyed by some force. nice old buildings. I love the reflection of the water as it gleams into the viewers eyes. Strong atmospheric perspective. strong use of linear perspective as well. color scheme is very deep, intense, dark and sets a tone for the piece and series. for a piece rendering representation from the mind, is a very hard task. as all the aspects of the piece should make sense, of course this is not always the case. here depicted, it appears to be a large submarine either being repaired or scrapped. its not entirely clear to me how the submarine is a power source, but you can see the electricity sparking out the side of the ship. the artist clearly also has a strong understanding of photoshop. much research is clearly presented in building structure, and submarine structures. excellent depiction of natural phenomenon where the light strikes the side of the ship and gleams. it also carries through under the ship. you also see the fog on top of the water.

pros: strong imagination, excellent understanding of structures, interest in light as it passes through an atmospheric setting, wonderful rendering. imaginative. easily transformed into a narrative.

cons:i almost wish there was something poetic about the piece, as in context wise. why a submarine? why not a battleship? right now it stands as an excellent rendering from the mind-- a pretty picture. but it doesn't yet speak to me as something powerful- like your navel ships. it lacks that "HOLY SHIT!" right now its, "O, another really good digital artist."

conclusion: i say this as a fellow artist cause i know you can create AWESOME digital work, but i want to see something MORE poetic. there's TOO much pretty pictures on Da, but not enough thought. well done none the less.
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The picture is wonderful to look at, the contrast and detail gives it a great sense of depth and mood. The pallet used is well thought out also as the whole picture harmonises with the light through the clouds attracting attention to the more interesting parts of the painting. The blue shine of what I presume is repair work gives a nice contrast to the warm earthy look of the rest of the picture. The composition is also superb utilising perspective in the submarine to draw the eye into the picture, also the way the submarine is at an interesting angle and set to one side leaves room for the viewer to explore the rest of the painting. Finally my favourite part is the dilapidated look to the whole picture gives the sense of a need for repairment and improvement greater emphasising the damage to the submarine or the damage of war (I don't know if I'm reading too much into this! <img src="…" width="19" height="19" alt="^^;" title="Sweating a little..." />) for these reasons it is very hard to find fault, great job!
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Such a beautiful site in this post apocalyptic looking painting. The details as usual are top notch, the atmosphere is compelling and interesting to look at. It is amazing how the lighting is done in this too, just the spots where the light shines on the buildings, damage sub and water is very well done.

Personally I find there is a bit of a story behind this as well, just when I look at it you wonder in your head? Why are they fixing that damage sub? Is it to survive? Is it for there great adventure that is up ahead for them? At least that is how I look at it when I look at this painting.

Overall, an phenomenal detail looking piece to look at with a awesome atmosphere to behold in this painting. Keep up the awesome work.
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Which begs the question:  Once it's repaired, how they gonna launch it?
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Now I gotta know about the mate's project! 
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Damn, that is really neat.
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It reminds me of RESISTANCE 3. I love your work, I wish that I had that ability in my skillset.
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I really want to explore the world beyond this scene. To discover who first built that submarine and second what happened to that nation and the planet.
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well judging by the size and the shape of the sail, I would say it could be a Russian Sub some time in the future. but since there is no distinctive markings besides that "11" on the nose. I can not be %100 sure.
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Love the submarine.
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this is soo awesome. i really liked that background and wrecked submarine, it looks so apocalyptic
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I love your job, colours, lights, fucking "ruiny" ambiance, blood and guts, you're may annual revelation!
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