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Night Reapers

By RadoJavor
My latest picture, just finished 5 mins ago. I'm long time fan of the obsolete planes used in Vietnam war. So I've decided to paint a something like a hommage to this old workhorses originally build in second world war.
The picture shows two A-26 Invaders going for the night hunt over Vietnam. I spend more time on colour shades and light, trying to learn something new, so hope you'll like it.

If you see some perspective issues. let me know in the comment I can fix that eventually.
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Nice Work! Love the heavy weather!
If they can do the job better then anything else, they ain't obsolete.   A26's were dammed effective. 
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WOW! This is going straight to my Favorites folder!
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Oh wow, looks like some of the paintings I have around the house that my grampa bought a long time ago. One titled "Coming Home" showing battered B-17's flying back from a mission seems similar in particular
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its looks like hoi4 wallapapers 
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Excellent work!
I'm sorry that you have to put up with those who "corrected" you as to the type of aircraft ....
Listen up, guys - This is indeed an excellent example of an A-26 Invader!  Next time you feel like flying off the handle pretending to be an expert, do some quick research -  if you had taken five minutes to google 'A26 Invader', you could have saved yourself the embarrassment.  
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truly epic :clap:

Although it does look like the right wing is slightly in front of the left wing.
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Your artwork is superb!

love the Invaders as they are a terribly overlooked aircraft, far superior in practical effectiveness, for what was *required* in Vietnam than most of the others, same issue now we see in Afghanistan etc
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Beautiful work, with lots of great "atmosphere" and action.
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Impressive picture there and those guns are deadly! :)
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Looks like Douglas A-20 Boston. Okay, I can see it's the modification of A-20, but it uses... Piston engines? Not even turbo-jets? Okay, I know that USAF used some old planes such as B-29 during the Vietnam war, but they had turbo-jets there instead of standart motors, because of efficiency. That's the only thing that makes me confused. Picture itself is just beautiful. Nice work.
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That's a B-25 Mitchell. The hard-nose with .50 cal MGs was an actual WWII version.
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That is NOT a B-25! The A-20, the B-25, and the A-26 (later B-26) all had hard nose versions with multiple .50s
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You and the artist are right - A26.  
There are more errors on this comment thread than in an early Mets game, and there's no excuse for it.  A simple google search would have affirmed that these birds are properly identified.
Deadly Nose by WagmoreBarkless  
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The USAF never used B-29's (maybe the KB-50 early on as tanker support, but that's unlikely) in Vietnam. They did operate B-26 Invader bombers modernized to the K 'Counter Invader' status as night interdiction aircraft as well as the A-1 Skyraider for CAS work/pilot rescue support
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I mean exactly the first period of war. And yeah, sorry for sayng "turbo-jets", I actually mean "turbo-prop" engines (Still learning English, my bad).
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They had NO turbo-props yet. No one managed an efficient and reliable turbo-prop before jet's took over.
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No need to apologize about your English. You type it out better than a good portion of native English speakers.
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