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New Land

Some old picture, that I didn't publish at the time. Done some 2 years ago, for the project Elveon. It shows Landfall of a mighty elvish race. My inspiration was Tolkien (of course):), his Númenórean race. The Ship is my creation, based maybe on some greek or roman designs. Done in photoshop, in some 35-40 hours. There is a lot of details which takes me ages to do. Hope you will like it.
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This is beautiful
Númenórean were Humans ^^ but whatever......this ships are so amazing huge, perfect work !!!
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It looks a lot like the greek triremes (hence it being based on greek design haha!) This is amazing!!
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Oars are too high. That makes it a hell of work for the oarsmen., nearly or already impossible. Based on the muscles inside a human body and how the oar system is working. Otherwise a great artwork!
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Another beautiful image, in the style of Alexandria. The ships appear very majestic.
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Hello Rado! I really, really like this pic.

Would you mind if I used it in an RP?
Me gusta la imagen pero un barco de ese tamaño se ancla en la costa, no se entra hasta la playa.
i like the scene, the atmosphere of discovering a new and dangerous land is very realistic
you feel what you do that s why you are deiffrent wish you more succes
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Holy mother of all that is holy this is stunning and I can't describe my feeling in words only loud squealing happy noises.
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Elves should be in white boats,i think
Evil-Shieldmaiden's avatar
The amazing detail in your artwork never fails to impress me!
krstovukoje's avatar
Very good atmosphere and light.But it seems to me that ships are too big comparing to the people on the shore.
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i'm impressed (totally awed) it looks so real...

my first thought was: elves? but no - ha almost :)

and the sunbeams in the background *love*
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wow it looks great
olivegbg's avatar
It's stunning!
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Those huge ships will probably be impossible to push out on the open sea again. Don't you think?
rOEN911's avatar
well all your works are more than awesome....this is not an exception :)
DBRv6's avatar
Great inspiration
Ithildin-dA's avatar
Outstanding work ... simply breathtaking.
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Beautiful,and so elvish! By the way, Númenórean wasn't elvish race. :)
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