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Lost Colony

By RadoJavor
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As promised second halloween picture. Today is a special day and I just finished this picture. Inspiration was the first english settlement in America by end of 16th century, the Roanoke colony. About 100 people were left on small island as a permanent settlement. After 3 years the supply expedition didnt find anybody and no clue what happened. The moment when the explorers are searching for the people is very interesting and scarry, so I paint it.

Done in photoshop in some 20 hours

Happy halloween
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Above all the great pieces you have made this one stands out for me, you have done a marvelous job capturing the moment here. That with your little bit of history really brings this to life. :D
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sweet, totally dark and mysteriopus
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I wonder what the three visible guys are thinking about, at that moment.
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beautifully eerie. I read a novel years ago ( I don't remember the title.) That the Roanoke colony fell victem to vampires and one colonist survived by being turned  into a vampire.
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From what I learned; it was a mix between: famine, brought upon by a shortage of supplies leading to poor harvests, with the raiding by natives serving as the finishing blow to the colony.
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They found no Bodies.
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Maybe they decided to move in a better-suited place for a settlement due to bad conditions (harvests, native raids, etc.)
and only worsened their conditions by moving out.
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I am not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens.
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Wonderful tribute to this haunting story!!!
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Great,scary Halloween scene, i know we didn't have it as a special day yet, but this is a good enough reason to invent it :)
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The Lost Colony always intrigued me when I first read about it in school. To have all the men, women, and children disappear without a trace leaving only their mark "Croatoan". Their are theory's, but no actual proof of what really happened. We could only guess how frightening the situations must have been for the expedition team.
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"only" 20 hours!? beautiful and suggestive as always. Your artworks inspired a lot
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Disculpe mi ignorancia

Esto es con una tableta cierto?
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I always wondered what became of Ronoke...
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An Interesting note on that story, When Lewis and Clark were on their expedition, there was a point when they came across blue-eyed natives. This is a characteristic shared by no other group of natives. It has been speculated that they could have been the dependence of the Roanoke colony and the natives.
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