La Rochelle
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Finally i can start to post my newer works. I have some 5 pictures and wil lpost them in next 2 months hopefully.
This is a painting for the new project of the Creative Assembly.

The name of the game is Empire: total war. As I love to paint old ships I really enjoyed working on those pictures. This is only first one, the rest is waiting to be published.
The Image captures early mornig mood in huge french harbour La Rochelle, year 1715. The big ship on the left is the grandious Le Louis Quinze, most beatifull and biggest ship of its age.
I did try to make the ship as real as possible, reference was the model in naval museum in Paris. The general mood of the picture is maybe similar to some old oils from the 18.th century, that was my small goal.

The whole pic was done in about 30-40 hours. Original size is something like 2600pix so it was somehow hard to finish.

Im hoping that you will like this picture and i'll be happy to see any comments.
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wx8740|Hobbyist Digital Artist
simplesmente maravilhoso
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See my hot pic here - FreeGirls
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HO...LY...SH*T!!!!  No WONDER you're working with Creative Assembly, they are the best of the best; famous for detail and larger than life projects. This is just STUNNING!! 
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Username-91|Hobbyist Filmographer
Holy smoke, the details are out of this world.
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LisaHarly|Professional Digital Artist
AAAAA cool!
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This is a masterpiece. Not only that the ships are impressive,but all the other details at this work,they look natural. Like someone made a foto and all the people there were doing their jobs.
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WOW, just WOW!  You put in a LOT of time and effort and it shows.  Very good work.
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I like the attention to detail!
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sylver-dali|Hobbyist Digital Artist
a wonderful work of art
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Wraithservant|Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful work. :clap:
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wooow this is spectacular
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EligoDesign|Hobbyist Photographer
this is such an epic work, alone the front ship :)
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Miwwi|Student Traditional Artist
WOOOOW! This is f*ucking awesome!!!! :o
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DiamondDashy's avatar
Oooooooh I've found something that gives me peace
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HornbillKun|Hobbyist General Artist
How did you do that? What did you used to create this masterpiece?!
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EpicHorseMan|Professional Digital Artist
Meh i could draw better but its ok i guess
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moulizax|Student Digital Artist
so beautiful,
how to you make it?
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Katsuma08|Student Traditional Artist
beautiful. I love it.
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wow....the details are awesome. Really great work
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pmeowmix|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Words fail me here. This is beyond stunning. It's simply breathtaking and mind-blowing. Every detail is beautiful. Shocked 
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Amazing!  I love the traditional art look of it.
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C4799|Hobbyist Filmographer
The thing is I just played some Assassins Creed Black Flag a few minutes ago..so this is pretty cool to see.

Only thing I can say right now is "Way hay ad up she rises" :D
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Axion23|Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful work
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clarkk10x7's avatar
You are colossally talented.
Viewing your gallery... why "so dark" all the time?
Nevertheless, what does one do with a gift like this?
Do book illustrations, covers?
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