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Jack O'Lantern

The Legend of the Jack O'Lantern tells about the eternal Irish wanderer who wasn't let to the Heaven neither to Hell. He is traveling through the world in the search of Redemption.
This is his visit to America on all Hallows Eve, on this place and time the Hell is closest to our world.

Done in photoshop cs5, trying not to spend too much time on details. I enjoyed painting this, my first personal work after long time so I wish you could enjoy it also.
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This image inspired a screenplay that I'm writing at the moment. Thank you so much for creating this piece of art, because I never would have figured out the right approach/ tone for the story without it. Out of curiosity, do you ever plan on doing a second interpretation of Jack O'Lantern? 
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Im trying to do something new always, but I can try to make original irish Jack.
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It reminds me of a place between Goldshire and Westfall in World of Warcraft. Amazing picture!!
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thanks you for sharing such amazing work!
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Great Halloween art as always.
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Awesome !
You're really talentuous!
Love all you're artwork !
Clap Clap Clap 
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Ah, the memories of Samhain. The Gaelic holiday where the mortal and other realm were one, where spirits of the dead rejoined the families at the table and people went back and forth to homes, wearing masks of monsters asking for food. Where divination of the future and the spirit world was at its best. Where lanterns were lit to ward off the scariest of demons.
Halloween has fallen far. But it's still the one day a year the darkness and ghosts rule. It hasn't become about a stranger in your house, or a bunny. It has stayed as one thing; the night of monsters, ghosts, horrors and demons and fear. This is why some refuse to accept it. This is why those of us otherwise love it most.
After all, life's no fun without a good scare.
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very good said.
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Thoroughly enjoying the images. Thank you sharing your talent.


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Ever thought of making one for the Headless Horseman?

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Someone who actually knows the legend. He's kind of Halloween's forgotten holiday mascot. But then, ol' Jack wasn't really that nice a fella, and he never leaves presents. So, I suppose people have reason enough to forget him.
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did u know that the original Jack O'Lantern wasn't a pumpkin? It was really a turnip... funny huh^^
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yes. I know that.
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Eerie, very eerie. The dark mood and the threat of the unknown is very effective.
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awesome detail, nice work
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Looks good enough to be the cover of a book, and the sort of book I would check out immediately.

Looking closer, you just have to wonder who would be in that broken-roofed cabin on such a night, why there is light in the windows when the place looks abondoned. You say you didn't spend too much time on the details, yet this looks to have plenty of detail to it.

Makes me want to write the novel of what led to this night and what the wanderer faces if he braves the cabin door.
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that could be really interesting reading
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Keep working man all your painting are beautiful your style is very captivating
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