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Again one concept picture for my friends project. Its a classical theme, alien invasion and scene of destruction. Just the city is different from not US location. I like this painting, working on it was very enjoyable. For painting I found some interesting photos on the net so some builings are based on them. Rest is my imagination.

Created in photoshop and wacom intuos.
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I would like to use this amazing work of art of yours as a background for my invasion themed ambience video. I will of course credit you in the description. Will you allow me to do so?

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This reminds me of War of the Worlds (the 1800s book, not any of the films).
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Hi RadoJavor,
FYI, a China's movie company is plagiarize your artwork and claim as their work, they use it in their movie postal.
Except if they are actually buying your artwork, else I think you better make your copyright claim...

I don't know the movie company name, I just know their movie name <China DuiZhang> (as know as Captain China in English) which is plagiarize Marvel's Movie <Captain America> as well.
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I've heard about that. they didnt bough or asked me about it. 
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Whatever is your friends project, it can only end in success with such awesome concepts.
Wow I see you are extremely skilled.I and one friend have come up witha manga plot , but we cant make our own manga because our drawing skills are very poor.If you are interested in getting paid to make our manga , contact this e-mail adress.  
hey if its cool with you, can we use this image for a music promotion? we will reference and link your art to your page. please and thank you.
Got a Nice collector Wibe to it
can i use your picture to accompany this song…
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This looks like that space craft from the movie Man of Steel
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My thought exactly!
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Wow... Really cool!
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this is dope!!! reminds me of the chronicles of Riddick invasion scenes, more so the ship than the terrain
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Epic, this is amazing. really love the composition and mood.
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Great Job 
Is this based on the new superman movie? Or was this done before the movie?
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That looks so cool
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Hong Kong?

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we are in for one hell of a BATTLE.
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Shows a Wicked sense of scale! And the alien spaceship is different from other designs - this painting deserves a gold!
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Anyone got Godzilla's number? =D
Did you make this
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