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Imperial Walker
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Published: March 5, 2008
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Some Star Wars Inspired picture after very long time. When I was reading very good technical website about the starwars, I've found picture of the leg and small comment of one amazing machine. This Is my vision of superheavy Imperial battle walker.
My intention was make a new design of a huge war machine, of course somehow similar to AT-AT. So I didnt have much space for experiments.
This walker much bigger than his older brother about twice in height. The desingis using some elements from the battleships of the Empire. Weapons: one turbolaser, eight heavy lasers and many heavy blaster cannons. The picture captures flawless crushign of the rebels defence positions on some cold planet (not Hoth:)). Rebellion have no weapons that can harm this machine.

The walker is based on simple 3d model(done in 1hour). The rest is playing with many layers in photoshop. the small at-st and some planes done form the reference. Picture was done half on cintiq tablet, the rest Intuos3. Time about 25-30 hours, just 2 hours a day after work.
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This looks better than the AT-M6.
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BlitzgobHobbyist Digital Artist
This tiny AT-ST at the fore front looks so sad
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This... This is what the design of the AT-M6 should've been.
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FuryQuantminStudent General Artist
Big mama Walker's.
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Impressive, most impressive. And I think I know this thing's weakness! It has a small thermal exhaust port on the back that if hit, will cause a chain reaction blowing the whole thing up! Everything the Empire builds has one! 
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TimewardStudent Traditional Artist
This thing is so big that you gotta fight it like you would a corvette or friggate at this point
JasonRyder's avatar
Really? What about a Jedi with a bomb? 
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TimewardStudent Traditional Artist
I don't think a lightsaber is long enough to cut through that armor, buddy... If you think like you would normally for size augmentation, it's twice as tall, wide and long, so the armor would be at least 4 times as thick. the lightsaber simply wouldn't be long enough to get through the armor in that thing, it would stop like midway through
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Guess you're right. Luke may have been able to destroy an AT-AT by himself, but I don't think anything could take out one of those walkers. BTW, what are they called? I was thinking AT-UR(All Terrain Ultimate Annihilator)
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TimewardStudent Traditional Artist
ATUA then. I was thinking AT-AHT (All Terrain Armored Heavy Transport), but there's something called that in the EU and its not anywhere near as badass... AT-AET (All-Terrain Armored Enforcer Transport)?
JasonRyder's avatar
It seems that the Empire's entire design philosophy is "Bigger is Better" and it doomed them. If they had built more Interdictor cruisers, the Rebellion would've been finished according to Leia. Also, I really think that AT-UA has a barley-noticable weakness somewhere that when hit, will cause a chain reaction that will blow the whole thing up. 
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TimewardStudent Traditional Artist
At this point the thing is so big it must have one and I know it I think. It's so heavy it needs the two middle secondary legs to stand, they should be able to use ion blasts or something to disable or throw those off balance, and the whole thing would collapse on its own weigth. Then again... Good luck doing that with those cannons shooting at you
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What is the Empire going to call this? 
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JasonRyder's avatar
How about AT-UT(All-Terrain Ultimate Transport)? 
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Seems a much more effective design than the standard AT-AT.
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(All Terrain - Fuck You I Won't Do What You Tell Me Walker)
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Looks really cool well done with it, love to play with it! 
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Can I use these walkers for a fanfic I'm writing? I'll credit you in the credits chapter.
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RadoJavorProfessional General Artist
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Two-Tailed-WarriorHobbyist General Artist
This would be an awesome addition to Empire at War.
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Clonetrooper21Hobbyist General Artist
I recall seeing it in YouTube videos for an Empire at War Forces of Corruption mod called the "Alliance" mod. The mod adds a lot of powerful units and structures, but the mod crashes the game very frequently because of some unit abilities like "Deploy Reinforcements" for some hero units. It also does not help the fact that when someone informs the mod developer of the frequent crashes, he tells anyone who says the mod crashes the game that they improperly installed the mod. From the YouTube videos I have seen about the mod, the people that played the mod have installed it properly and it still crashes very frequently. Maybe the mod doesn't crash for the developer, but it always crashes the game for everyone else that properly installed the mod.
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