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Ice Storm

Some quicker picture between the works for my company.
I like planes from my childhood but this is a first time that I've paint some.
Its not an classical aviation art, but I hope you will like it. Its a F-4c Phantom from Air Defence Command squadron, based on Iceland. So I want to catch the hard weather conditions in which the planes have operated.
Those Phantoms were assigned with the defending of the norhern atlantic.
Done in Photoshop CS3 Beta + intuos3 , with the help of some custom brushes. Refs used, some photos of plane and 3d model for perspective.
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very cool. It's beautiful

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Dang, they'll need a lot of de-icer...
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Another amazing piece of art! 
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The awesomeness just hit the roof-
and broke through it. :D
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I freaking love this :D
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This is freaking awesome.
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Beautiful artwork and attention to detail.
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I think part of the book "Red Storm Rising" took place in Iceland. I think it was Soviet airborne troops invaded the country. 
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absolutly an awesome work !
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I really admire the detail you paid attention to how the ice forms at the areas where they freeze and the impact of the ice crystals flying in the blizzard. 

Currently I am working on a drawing on ships in a stormy sea and I am putting in some windblown rain effects from what I observe in nature. In fact the stormy weather was inspired by what you have done here. The difference is while your piece is of a close-up subject, mine is taken from some distance away so certain details have to be foregone. 

However its still not as realistic as what you have so I am going slow on it to experiment with getting it right.
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My new PC wallpaper!
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man Kef must've been quite place to be stationed
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wow that looks awesome
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wow! this looks so goddamn scary °_° love it! :D
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This is awesome looking!! I was at Kaflavik AB in 1998. Didn't get to see this weather, fortunately. But man I worked in this stuff at Fairchild AFB. I crewed KC-135's there.
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Excellent work. :thumbsup:
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My God, it's so beautiful! You're great painter!
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Americans: We can't fly! I hope the Soviets don't try to hit us now.... *shiver*
Soviets: F-f-f-uck.... COLD... *shiver*
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Awesome! I booked a print for my friend! :)
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cant... stop... staring... this is amazing
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