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Hunter bot

A sophisticated Hunter-Killer bot. My vision of bounty hunter machine from the future. Done for the book about robots.
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kumnonta's avatar
Wow! That's one of the best pics I've ever seen!
SzoSzu669's avatar
i have this book great job ;D
Redzn's avatar
hehe i liked this one from the book i got all those books they are great
tdlob's avatar
The book about robots? Where may I buy a copy of this awesomeness?
artistjoshmills's avatar
I have this book. Very nice!
tdlob's avatar
Please direct me to it good sir, my money is waiting to be spent....
artistjoshmills's avatar
I got it from Barn's and Noble.
tdlob's avatar
Well... more specifically what is the book called? Who published it? When was it released? I'm not finding a whole lot when googling, "book about robots"
artistjoshmills's avatar
The name of the book is "50 Robots to Draw and Paint." It has a blue cover with a robot's face.
tdlob's avatar
I found it, thank you!
Jaromir83's avatar
so detailed, wow
hipe-0's avatar
I love this one too. Can you explain more your working process? How do you do the inking, with the wacom? How do you manage those crisp straight lines? I can't make anything correct with PS so I use the "shift" key trick but I think it bad. Any hints?
X-A-N-A's avatar
Kinda looks like something from Half-Life 2
mistoflight's avatar
The detail is wonderfull!
SkarmoryThePG's avatar
This'd be less funky if I didn't buy the book two days ago <.<
tyrantwache's avatar
Realy good pic!

I like this robot. I've seen your little galerie and it's fantastic!
Winter89's avatar
Very cool design, reminds me of a bug or something.
X-A-N-A's avatar
I'd hit that... :eyes:
Kidding! But... wow, you're just amazing!
eisenkalk's avatar
Balnrad's avatar
Really cool. Yet again, another style I deeply wish I could accomplish.
Vic-Hypnoticpoison's avatar
Heh... Even though everyone else has said it I'm going to just have to say it again...
I own that book!
Well I bought if for my boyfriend whom which I thought it might be nice for us to draw robots together in bed as that’s what he likes drawing and I'm not very good at drawing them at all. :)
But yeah we recognized you image from the book "50 Robots to draw and paint"

You have a great gallery and some really nice works!
TheMichaelMacRae's avatar
hey that's one of the robots in that book... the robot one... you drew that? sweet
HyaKkiDouR4n's avatar
I own that book!
I can't believe I actually met one of the illustrators who worked on it, even if it is just online :)
rod-n's avatar
wau~ nice~
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