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HMS Belfast

My first sci-fi picture ever done. Its one of my oldest pictures, done some 4 years ago. I was just beginer in this time and was just looking for the right style. The whole pic is done in painter, which is nice for more artistic feel.
The design of the ship is mine, I was thinking that this is more real look of the space vessels in our world.
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Great design , I like it real world feel
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Beautiful pic and does capture a nice "modern day" feel to the starship look.
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So! This is how I will draw in a couple of years when I start drawing? If only :p
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Can we have more of these please? They're really cool! Also very interesting to see something that could be, it's not so out landish, it's nice to see something like that. Really love it and it's sister piece.
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Excellent texture and detail!
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Oddly reminds me of the Minmatar ships from EVE-Online that some of them had that cool exposed framework.
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velmi krásne
:eyepopping:, rada by som Tvoj obrazok použila do hry ak by to bolo možné
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I really like how you included what seems to be a rotating section of the ship, to simulate gravity. A nice touch, and a great piece overall.
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Interesting design. Poorer texturing than your other pieces. But hey, it's 4 years old. One of the things I like about art is that you can look at something you did yesterday and say, I could do much better now.
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for your first scifi-pic this is awesome!

i specially like the realistic style! :)

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I live in Belfast :P
But this is really an inspiring piece, well done :)
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I'm curious... Does it have any heavy weaponry? I can only see light turrets. The design is pretty sweet, and the art is just fantastic. Not like you don't hear that all the time xD.
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Very nicely done indeed. I agree with you that this is a fairly realistic space vessel. Nice attention to detail, though I would have added a few more weapons.
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is there any reason why the name of the ship is Belfast?
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very nice, very realistic!

and 4 years old? whoa I wonder what you're currently capable of :D
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This is a very, Eve looking painting... Not sure if you're familiar with Eve Online. But the design is almost mimic'ing a "Caldari" space station.

I highly encourage you to check it out if you haven't heard of it, I'm sure you could find some interesting inspiration for more Sci-Fi art. It's truly an amazing game!
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I'd say this is what spaceships will look like for some time, until war permeates space too and they have to bulk up to avoid being shot up :D

great job, you should paint some more sci-fi it would add to your range of works nicely!
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This is the most realistic design for a spaceship I ever seen on DA.

You should do more Sci Fi , coz your style rules.

Wonderful job with the Empire art department.
Those guys were lucky to have you on board.
You alone sole the game for them.

( not bullshiting you, coz the game sucks but your art does NOT)

Allow this humble mortal to add this to his Favourites, your past work was really good.

It kinda looks like the Nostromo.
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Even for a first Sci-Fi picture it looks awesome!
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Finally something that does look like a spaceship - frame, rotating module, complete engine in the back (should be a bit larger and more away if You consider nuclear propulsion).

Good job.
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