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Jerusalem 33AD
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great perspective!

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Truly this man was the Son of God.

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"Truly, this was the son of God."
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If DeiaintArt had a system to put comments on the top, this would be one of them
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Are their any prints of this?
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That's St Longinus, he has a really cool story. 
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Amazing...including the description.
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Beautiful work.  You've got my watch!
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Very interesting composition! Nice work :)
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I read the title, and immediately thought of Dogma (the movie) where they have the Golgotha Shit Demon.
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Very powerful, beautifully done. Thanks for sharing.
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Hey, just wanted to say that I am still a huge fan of your work. I came on board a few years ago, and you still are doing some amazing work. As a Christian I am really fascinated that you chose this as a subject. You've caught a lot of emotion and sadness in this intricate painting, especially since the painting takes place after the event. The lighting helps set the mood, and the posture of the centurion is almost reverent. Great job once again. :)
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this is magnificent.
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Do you know the story of St. Longinus?
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yes, that was the inspiration.
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Cool :D  I'm Catholic, and he's one of my favorite saints.
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I love the way it goes from grisly in the foreground to something beautiful on the horizon. 
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Stunning painting
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I feel like he misses Rome.
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Very night lighting!
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