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Fourth of July

Its just celebration weekend in USA so this picture is a small present for them. One of many smaller concept art done for total war project. It was done in some two days in photoshop. I know the season on its later then 4th of july, more like autumn but hope you like it anyway.
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Lol there in Canada 

Maple leaf

Amazing painting though
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Your artwork has been featured here: [link]
Love this! Excellent. You are quite talented!
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Hello fellow Deviantartist, I am pleased to let you know that you're art has been featured in my monthly journal and feature, Great Strength. ([link]) I do hope that you enjoy the feature. Take care. :)
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Excellent job. I like how you captured the feel.
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assassin's creed 3's original? ))
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I cannot say how many times how I love this image! It's beyond spectacular! I'm an American Revolution reenactor and just adore this setting. All I can say is - HUZZAH!!

~Lady B
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Awesome artwork! Thanks for dedicating this to our celebreation of the 4th of July! ^_^
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Featured: [link] Happy 4Th Of July!! :heart: :D
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Love the Painting and all your work. That being said, the caption for this picture is" You there, with the flag. Philip is it? You're new to our reenactment group so we'll let this slide, but next time bring a flag NOT from the 20th century. AND shut that I-phone off."
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Very Nice :) But I would like to point out that you should be Civil Ensign instead of the fifty star Stars and Stripes that came about in 1960. Still very cool though:).
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its not a fifty stars flag.
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Not seen this one too in ETW
Thank you for a beautiful picture. Instant favorite!
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you should do napoleon total war ones.
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WOW! I totally love it! Thank you for taking patriotism to a whole other level!! =D
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glad to hear that.
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I love the patriotic feel here.
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you're so talented :)
Absolutely stunning character detail, and the lighting just tops it off.
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