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Engineer's planet

The Prometheus 2 is far away so I'm gonna make couple of concepts inspired by this movie. My first attempt to visualize the Home planet of the Engineers.
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Prometeus suck! 
Prometeus enstablished a new scale in movies-plot-falaw in which 1 means the director just forgott about some little things, and 10 is another Prometeus!
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Looks very cool! *__*
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I really like the atmosphere in this concept, it's very.... homey... for them.... I guess, but I really LOVE how you can draw such amazing worlds. The only thing I can draw is flowers... XD
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flowers are good. I cant do them for example. 
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Intriguing, this is quite impressive in it's depiction of.....mystery and the unknown.......of a new world.....
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I like the horror feel :)
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very nice composition, but i imagine the engineer's planet as a super advanced place with a big ancient/futuristic city.
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maybe it was but something not good happened there
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Oh my!
Very ominous and sinister!
I'm glad i don't live there!
Fantastic and mesmerizing piece of work! :clap:
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Wow, feels very wet and organic!! :D Great mood capture!
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it look amaznig ^^
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This is awesome! Just how I imagined it would look.

Unfortunately I bet it will not look like this in the next movie.
Ridley watered the whole "Giger" design down to a more mechanical and flat look, completely loosing all the creepiness and beauty.

This is a fantastic picture though, and thank god there are talented people like you around to realize the potential
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Ick-tastic - even the trees look like facehuggers...
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Very nice. Giger would love this one.
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I think its still too optimistic for him. I'm just warming up, doing the second pic already.
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Pretty cool environment, in a creepy sort of way. ;)

How'd you like Prometheus? I've yet to see it, myself, but I've heard far more negative than positive about it. It makes it hard to believe that there'd be another one.
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I like it. just just cant think too much about it. visually it was great.
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That is SUCH a great piece you did there! Very nice rain :)
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I'll be honest, the only thing i really liked about the movie was the Prometheus (the ship) design.
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skoro ako u nas..
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