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Another old quick picture. This one was done for empire total war game as some concept, got a lots of those mostly unpublished. Its the galley of Venice near the town Dubrovnik. Done is some 2-3 days. I cannot spend more time on this so its a bit rough.
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Great artwork! Ties in to the scenes currently running through my head. 
looks beautiful. Which Total WAr game was it done for?
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I have to correct you: if there is a Venetian galley, the town's name is RAGUSA, not Dubrovnik, which is the Serbo-Croatian name after the 1947 annexation.
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The current name was officially adopted in 1918 after the fall of the Austria-Hungary, but was in use from the Middle Ages. It is also referred to as Dubrovnik in the first official document of the treaty with the Ban Kulin, the Ban of Bosnia in 1189. The name Dubrovnik was used by Slavonic speakers who also presented the majority in the city. Aristocrats were using Latin and the Dubrovnik dialect of the Romance Dalmatian language as official languages and they also named town (and republic) Ragusa.
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Upper classes spoke Venetian for centuries :D and called them Ragusa. :)
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thanks for the info.
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P.S. This is a superb artwork. :D
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Reminds me for the "La Reale", a model kit resembling typical medieval galleys of Europe.
hello, I work in Italy and would like to publish your works of naval battles in my magazine. Please write to ... urgent
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Always loved these galleys. Great work :D
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They should have used this for empire!
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I like this picture.
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Rough? You're shitting us. Totally mocking us. You can't call that a rough!!!! It's to GOOOOOOD!
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Great stuff. Was this based on any particular type of ship?
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Awesome! and BTW, Dubrovnik is in my country, Croatia :D
How can you call that a bit rough? It's amazzzzing!! :O
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There's an amazing Croatian shoegaze band called EMBASSY 516 from Dubrovnik. It's worth checking out...

Their page: [link] and video [link]

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haha, I think I can see my school from here XD no, really...
i love your ships.
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Dubrovnik! :D Nice perspective! This one reminds me of Croatian cover of book Siling to Sarantium by Guy Gavriel Kay. I really like the atmosphere! :D
Excellent picture
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awesome! I really like, i love Dubrovnik
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Croatia <3 ;)
Great work!
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....This is your definition of "rough"? I would be happy if my best stuff looked like this.
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