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This one was directly on place in littlehampton, sussex. I was trying to draw fast and capture this nice scene on paper. Done in some 15 mins, after my hand were tired. Shading was added at home with letraset markers. It was a bit experiment for me:)
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Wow you really captured the scene, im jealous! X3
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Beautiful stirpes! :D
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I love how you've put the shadows great inspiration thks
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this one is very cool
ShenzoeNailoPuck's avatar
that is very nice, :love:
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There is an old qoute my grandpa used to say every now and then: Rozoga ócska csónak áll a megáradt Duna partján. It can't be really translated as the phonetics give it real meaning but it is about an old boat. Your pic reminded me of it...
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Amo el color =)
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very nicely done... the lighting is just purplexing... and i cant believe you did it in 15 mins!!! god man u r awesome! keep it up
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I like the mood. It (mostly the shading, but the unsteadiness of the lines as well) made me first think of bleached rib bones before I recognized a wrecked boat.
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nice drawing skills. :)
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co povedat. pekna skica. ak to budes davat do farby, tak som na to velmi zvedavy :)
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well done... very evocotive
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I think you captured the essence of the pier very well.
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lovely illustration!
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wish i could draw half as good ....nice one
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nice, I like this kind of style ^^
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Awesome job, i love drawing with pen and i thought you'd used water colour on it, but im going to have to check out these letraset markers.

Fav'd :D
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Damn you and your talent! If I was at that for 15 hours it wouldnt look 1/3rd as good. lol
psstoff995's avatar
oh woah cool, i love the style, ill hafta try out these markers
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