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The hallowen evening in Northern Ireland. This picture captures my memories and feelings of Belfast. Of course I am too young to see the worst years of civil disorder, so the burning vehicle is inspired from the photos. But everything else, especially the weather is exactly such as I remember.. Hope you like it, even when its rather depresive picture.
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Top of the morning 
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hard to find an artwork so realistic to express the terror of Northern Ireland.
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It's a shame that this city was fecked up by the "balaclava bastards", IRA, UVF, what is the difference, they're all the same. 
Don't blame the I.R.A for defending their own land >_>
What "own land"? It was just their excuse just to kill people and if not make money and publicity off of it. After the Partition of Irland, the people of Ireland (even the original IRA) got what they wanted. Just some sectarian assholes both IRA and UVF based took the names and think they where fighting a "cause". There was none.

And if they where "defending their land". Why where killing what they claim as their own people? And if you say that it was just a "casulity of war". Then you are just as simple minded as any balaclava bastard.
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"Then you are just as simple minded as any balaclava bastard".

Talking about the balaclava simple minded SAS bastards who got their arses kicked by the IRA in South Armagh?
You mean the IRA ambush in Drummuckavall? 

That was against British army regulars. But it was the last straw and they called in the SAS to be deployed into the country.

What at about the Loughgall ambush? The one that sent those terrorist thugs a message that they where skating on thin ice. 

The troubles was and will never be recognised as a "war" but rather a state of emergency. Thanks to that mess, the country will never recover thanks to febel minded idiots both in the streets and in Stormont. 

N.I. is slowly roting. The best future for any bright mind in the country is to leave and let the country destroy itself.
I'm talking about all of Ireland, the main goal of the IRA was to defend their land from the British which have been ravishing Ireland forever. The IRA did break into 2 factions, one side was done with fighting and was happy enough to keep only half of Ireland, the rest wanted all of the land back. There was a cause, even today Britain has its dirty fingers all over Ireland. Their own people? You mean the Protestants that were equally as eager to kill the Catholics. Whenever the IRA planted a bomb in a civilian populated area they always called the authorities and warned them. And if you want to dig deeper into history lets look at the 300K + starving Irish the British took as slaves and sold. Or the (potato famine)  sponsored by her majesty. Look at it how you want, but this is what happens when you screw with the wrong people.
Who said I was screwing with the wrong people? 

And face it, there is no cause anymore, it died out after the 1930's. Any sane person in Northen Ireland doesn't give a flying damn who they are ruled by. I don't even give a damn who runs the country. The Troubles was nothing more than pointless bloodshed. The real victims where the civilians who just wanted to live life.

The majority want to move on and just live life. But there has to be bigots who claim they repersent an entire community that claim they want it their way or otherwise cause a civil disarray or harm to others. 

Overall, I find these good reasons to leave this shithole of a country. 
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Haunting.  Brings back memories....BTW it's still raining.  ;)
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i like it! i was born in belfast, and it looks similar to some things i've seen in videos, pictures etc.
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Nice the way i can see the Town hall, yea but this picture is slightly abit of nostalgia because i've seen a street just like that
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Images like this really help to understand just how horrid the troubles were.
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good contrast between the flames and the coldness of the street
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Now... now I'm stunned, sorry >.<
I haven't words to describe this... ^^
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Amazing painting make :)
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wow! thats cool! and I am from us! :3
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I think having lived the same memory nearly helps makes a brilliant piece of art, oddly beautiful?

Fantastic :)
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i think the most depressing part is that no one is visible in the picture. good work :)
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Pictures like this are so much less to me until I realize that somebody PAINTED it. One person. It's incredible...
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Interesting APC, the "Pig".
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looks so perfect really looks so profesional...... urghhhhhhhhh you are awesome!!!!!!
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