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Battle of Carthage I

By RadoJavor
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First of the series of concepts done for the game Rome 2: Total War. I was trying to make something quicker so decided to stay with this sepia and sketchy style. It was a bit experiment but I liked it at the end.
The scene is a final phase of the siege of carthage, when the Roman legions broke inside the city and fought against the Punic defenders on elephants.
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Here is everything, lights and shadows and good perspective. Very nice sketch.
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The siege or battle of Carthage lasted 6 days from what I read... 6 days... You'd think the romans would just plow through but really in ancient sources it said that it take them entire days just to take single streets and districts, and when the romans were peeping the final assault on the 7th day the Carthaginian surrendered... Cept it didn't save the city from being looted, burnt, razed, and possibly salted.

But it really shows how both superpowers of that time excruciatingly hated each other.
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Hi ! Excuse me, can I use this picture as a part of picture in my T-shirt?
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Carthago Delenda Est
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War Elephants vs. Triarii. I love the Triarii which they are useful shock troops and anti-cavalry units to handle from horsemen to war Elephants.
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Just, awensome
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Oh my! What a great composition you have here!
Looks great! :clap:
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wow... i love it! and this sketchy approach actually conveys better the mood of a battle, in my opinion.
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Amazing! Your figures are flawless...each one a study in itself. And the buildings and the shadows...a phenomenal piece of work.
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I cannot imagine how terrifying it must have been to be on the ground in this battle.
Amazing job and thanks for the history lesson.
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Wow this is bloody amazing :D
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I loved your work for Empire, and am looking forward to seeing your phenomenal artworks for Rome II.
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I'm looking forward to Rome II. It's going to be great!
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Awesome work! all your works are impressive! i hope become a master like you some day! :D
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I watch your amazing work on total war series for some time now. You capture the game's mood in a great way.

Congratulations, again. You have my dream job! Really looking forward for the next piece for Rome 2. Maybe the massacre at Teutoberg forest???
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wow that look so amaznig :)
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Very nicely done. I like the styling...simple but it communicates the whole setting and story line very clearly. Although it is monochromatic it is rich in details and I find it very intriguing.
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Skvely koncept, to osvetleni je paradni
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Awesomely amazing art concept! :D

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uuuuuuuhhhhhh mazing!
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