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Ancient Spaceship

By RadoJavor
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Second attempt to visualize upcoming movie Prometheus. This time some ending scene when the space jockey race arrived to earth. Their ship is ancient and should look very different and superior to human vessels. My goal was to make a ship similar to the derelict in the first alien movie, just much bigger and different configuration.
Hope you like it and we can now just wait till next summer when the movie will be released.
All done in Photoshop and wacom intuos as usual.

There are two versions of this picture. if you got a older one please delete it, this one is better.
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like this more than anything from Prometheus. there's a real feel of mystery about this ship. especially love how u can almost see alien faces in the design - a little way from the front it almost looks like a space jockey face complete with the elephant trunk. since the original space jockey was almost grown out the of derelict it makes sense these bio-ships would keep growing & turn into something like this amazing art. the ship in Alien was obviously dead & slowly decaying but this ship is alive. love this image & the imagination it could have brought to the universe of Alien.

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Have you taken some inspiration from the book Hyperion? The space ship of the Hramers. Anyway it is a fantastic looking vessel!
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Can someone please tell me what do they make these pieces of art with? WHAT APPS? 
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It is written in the description - photoshop.
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Старый ведь арт, чо Вы его так форсите то
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Gosh such a stunning view! Totally awesome!
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Even before I read the description or title I thought "very HR Giger". Well done. Good job keeping it subtle
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awesome, i like how organic the ship looks.
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Freaking cool piece, i like the form and the colors :) !
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I can see the design linage. Nice work!
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jiminy cricket, this is effin epic.
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So dragons were, in fact, spaceships ? I like this view a lot!
Amaaaazing work by the way!
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never got to see the first alien movie.
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That's so amazing! O_O

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One of the best organic ships I've seen. I've got a trilogy of books that all feature an organic ship on the cover. While there are no plans for a fourth book, I think it would be wise to go ahead an acquire a worthy organic tech rendering just in case, and this piece is magnificient. What's your asking price for using this commercially as a book cover? feel free to e-mail me at
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Dude, I am so happy I found your work, it really feeds my imaginatin!
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