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Alien derelict

Now something different, as a big fan of alien movies this is my vision of some new prequel story. This is a second alien craft discovered on the orbit of an unknown planet. Exploration vessel from earth just starting to search the artefact.
I had a fun by painting this. I love spaceships and especially old an broken ones. Hope you will like it as much as me.
Done all in PS and wacom Intuos 4 in some 25 hours.
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I just bought this! Completely amazing!!
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This is awesome, you should really draw more of these
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Your work is impeccable! Very captivating and professional skill level.
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Wow...I love this! Might it be available as an ebook cover? Would love to have that happen!
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Bloody AMAZING. Dunno how I didn't find this sooner. Superb work.
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Beautiful, nice detail and colour. Good composition.
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Epic and awesome! ^^
This is AWESOME.... And I just finished watching the prequel (reboot? Relook?)... Seriously, I just finished watching it for the first time about 1/2 hour ago... This is an awesome take on the idea of what Prometheus was trying to convey (in my opinion, anyway)

Question for you.... Is this the one with the full on aliens on it?

Asking because Prometheus stated that the planet was LV223, but ALIENS stated that the planet the aliens were found on was LV426.... I like to think this is THAT ship :D (Because I'm a freak and the first thing I noticed about the new movie was the planet designations didn't line up)
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I think this is the different one.
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Brilliant work.
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I love this! And the human vessel definitely fits into the overall design of the universe.

Fantastic work! And I can understand the Halo thoughts as the vessel looks similar in design to some from the game...but this is straight Aliens.
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That is...I can't describe it.
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Wow! This reminds me so much of Prometheus, it's creepy! Did they steal the idea from you, lol?
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I wish, but doubt that:)
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I think your work is much better in fact! And it has much more of the original "Alien" movie atmosphere to it. And it would have been so much better if "Primetheus" team looked for such concepts instead of what they came up with by themselves. Hollywood seems to be in a deep creative crisis and is experiencing severe idea shortage in sci-fi genre judging by rescent movies. I really enjoyed first three Alien movies and I like Alien universe but seeing how bad AvP series are and that Scott is going for a Prometheus siquel I wish they just stop abusing Alien franchise and making more of those movies (Logicaly they should have stopped after Alien 3). Unrealistic expectations ofcause. Sorry for grumbling in your commentaries.
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Have you watched Stargate: Universe?
They had an awesome old spaceship in that show,
It's called ''Destiny'' and it's old and broken;)
Too bad the show got cancelled:(

Oh and awesome drawing:D
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That is absolutely beautiful. I hope the guys who created Prometheus were inspired by this as well! :)
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This, in my opinion, is far better and more creative than stuff Prometheus team came up with.
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