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Some older commision for Uk edition of PC gamer magazine. My first big character, and I must say it was hard:).
Some of my friends helped me with the face and hands and some other details. Picture was done again for the game Empire : total war.
Im aware of some not natural proportions of the guy, but its just my first one. The picture was done quiet qick in some 10 days.
Done in Photoshop on wacom intuos.
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I played that game several years ago.

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So good. So good!

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Great subtlety in a background of war.
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i saw that cover!
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Is there any chance of making this a print, or do licensing issues with Future Publishing prevent it?
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Magnificent pictures... Congratulations!
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a fighting admiral...
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Stunning piece of work, love the lighting
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This is awesome!!!!!!!
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I do alot of rev-war and GOAP (pirate) reenacting, and this jsut screams battlefield madness! well done!
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John Paul Jones? He was only a Captain during his time because the rank of admiral didn't exist yet.

None the less~ I love it~
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I can feel the war in this photo. I'm amazed, fantastic background and the uniform, and the hat! :)
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Is this supposed to be on this site?


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Heh, wish we still wore those old rigs.

Amazing detail buddy, you've managed to capture the essence of chaos in naval battle like none other!
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This has a strong feeling about it like it should. ;) :flaguk:
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The detail is incredible! It must have taken forever!
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yay great pic.^^
mhmuhahaha british Admiral.^^
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This is absolutely amazing!!! I love your detail and colouring! This has just made my day!
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That is amazing! I love all of the detail you put into your colonial-themed work (and all of it at that!) and am seriously impressed with every single piece here. You can really sense the tension and excitement that war brings in his expression and just how ragged he's been worn through the wearing of his face and the hair. Just looking at this makes me feel the spray of the salt water in my face and the frenetic shouts of the crew. I love the detail in the background, especially the splashes in the water and every bit of those ships. Your work definitely captures every single aspect of a moment in time! It is evident that you did a ton of research in planning these pictures, and it's inspired me to do the same. I can't believe I hadn't discovered your work until now! <3
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Your still amazing even if you say that this one was a bit wrong with proportions. Awesome dude!!!!!!!!!
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When i first saw the picture it reminded me of this quote from Moby Dick:

Split your lungs with blood and thunder
When you see the white whale!
Break your backs and crack your oars, men,
If you wish to prevail!
This ivory leg is what propels me -
Harpoons thrust in the sky!
Aim directly for his crooked brow,
And look him straight – in – the – eye!!!

I know the guy isn't a whaler, but, you know.
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that is so...amazing.


It's on my DVD box of the game
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stunning work of art.[link]
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