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The Queen kneels

By Radius45
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Storm bound and gagged. Recent commission by Sean Izaakse
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STBCB45New Deviant

Once on Knees - it's Diver Down and Head's UP 😍😈😍 Nothing HOTTER than a πŸ’ BLACK πŸ’ Jobber πŸ’ Girlie πŸ’ Girl πŸ’ Superheroine πŸ’ ready to be submitted and submissive 😍😈😍 β™₯οΈπŸ’‹ MUAHF πŸ’‹β™₯οΈπŸ’ Cherry πŸ’ Girlie πŸ’ Girl πŸ’

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SachinAmateurArtistStudent General Artist
Awkward sight to see in the Wakandan throne room. 
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hot ! love her defiant face and posture
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DeepizzaguyStudent Writer
Woo woo. Storm looks hot.
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TheDragonCupcakeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ororo! Damn she's calm aint she?
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mattjohn1992Hobbyist Artist
Nice picture is cool:D (Big Grin) Heart 
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Very nice she seems mighty calm for being tied up with a duct tape gag 
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Striking Image.
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After the idiocy of AvX, I wouldn't mind seeing every mutant like this.

Nice pic, btw.
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How is AVX?
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I never finished it, but from what I read, not good. Every mutant but Wolverine seemed to lose their common sense, and Black Pnather and Storm's marriage got anulled, which pissed me the fuck off.

The only good things I can say about it is that at the end, there are now more mutants in the world, and Cyclops is now a wanted criminal.
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I agree wholeheartedly with you regarding Storm and Black Panther's marriage annulment. I have just about given up on Marvel because of it.
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Ha ok. sorry i forget that AVX is avenger vs x-men.
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Sexy and beatfuil work on her
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But will she bow?

Great image.
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Torpedo585Hobbyist General Artist
Instant :+fav: awesome job :D
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If proud Storm was any less restrained it would be like an insult.
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