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Face expression practice

Another assignment for Steve Ahn's workshop.
I decided to use one of my old oc, becouse character like that has a big range of emotions. It's my rpg character created 15 years ago. She's a 12 yo street orphan from demonic race. She's optimistic and smart but greedy and a pain in ass for her guardian.

I'm not good with face expressions but I hope it may be helpful as a reference. I'm still trying to work on my style so my characters would look more consistent :)

I'm much more active on instagram: So if you want to see more workshop stuff, wips and my lovely kittens, go there :)
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In school you had to get a 10 in drawing and a 0 in language. Review the concept of good and bad because you are not clear at all 😁 Me in English 👎

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pffff that's great work!! 
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Thanks so much for this. I stuggle with faces.. ugh.
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I love this so much. It's hella cute and could come in handy for reference. Kinda needing some more facial expressions
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What a cutie with cuutie hair!!
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...hmm... looks like poppy, without the hammer...

Just needs... BIGGER PIG TAILS!
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I think I'll be coming back to this from time to time as a reference. thanks
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wow you have a really great art style, its really cool
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I love it!!! :)
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I love your art and drawings :P
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Need stickers)))
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She's very lively, awesome work!
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All of them adorable.  ^_^
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"I'm not good with face expressions"

These are adorable and great! =D
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awesome expressions!! :)
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Omg, its precious! 
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Absolutely marvelous!
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"I'm not good with face expressions..." You wouldn't be able to tell from this image.
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It is very good, I like it :)
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