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The Voyager Project set blueprints


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These are my blueprints for the various sets from ST:Voyager - an ongoing project that will update with each new room blueprint

Current version: 5.0.0
- Doors: Standard doors / Doorways / Labels / Reinforced Doors
- Jefferies Junction - structural elements, standalone room, and tiered room
- Set Dressing: Labels and Control panels
- Turbolift
- Corridor Structure
- Corridor Layout
- Stages
- Set Reference (Set appearances in each episode)

Discussion topic for the set blueprints and research into the sets at TrekBBS (I am Redgeneral):…

3D models of the rooms in this blueprint can be downloaded for free from my sketchup warehouse page:…

- 31/01/21 Added Corridor Layout
- 7/12/20 Jefferies Junction rooms updated and Structural Elements and Standalone Junction room added, also updates to Set Dressing
- 13/01/18 Corridor Structure added [+31 pages]

These plans have been produced for non-commercial fan creations / productions. It is not this plan's intention to encourage any commercial activity regarding the Star Trek properties.
Star Trek is copyright CBS Corperation / CBS Television Studios and Viacom / Paramount Pictures

Blueprints made with Sketchup and Layout
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I just wanted to say thank you so much for this. I'm working on some CAD stuff and really needed some of these dimensions !

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This is so much work… I can only imagine how much time you invested in that. Great manual.

I'll echo falke2009 : these blueprints are so incredibly handy. Yesterday I was modelling a Voyager-like hallway and referring to your blueprints religiously.

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Thank you - I love seeing what people come up with after using the plans as a starting point. The next release should hopefully include the cargo bay / shuttlebay

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These are very handy and I often use your guides as a reference. Thanks for all the hard work you put into these, they are very well done!

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Thank you - I think your artwork is great and I'm glad my plans help. Also thanks for the quartz badge.

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Thanks you very much. And you're very welcome!

Do you have a set of blue prints for the layout of jeffrey tubes throughout the ship? I'd be interested in that for Voyager, Galaxy, and Sovereign

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The project is to blueprint the sets as they were built for filming. How the Jefferies Tubes would go throughout a ship is beyond the scope of the project. Eventually the set built tubes will be blueprinted, but they were only a couple of meters long at most.

Voyager and Galaxy shared the same sets for the Tubes and Junction rooms. Sovereign used a different design, but I've uploaded some photos I found online of the blueprint used to make the Sovereign Tube / Junction set

A -

B -

C -

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This is absolutely fantastic. I have a question: Do you know of anyone who has given real-world dimension for LCARS elements? I'm inspired to make my own deck views and I've decided to draw the LCARS panels in SketchUp rather than use jpegs, but I haven't seen anything that will give me real world dimensions for buttons, stripes, borders, and their proper spacing. Do you have anything like that, or know of anyone who does?

This was the perfect find! I was working on mapping out Voyager and didn't even know where to start with the corridors, and then I found this. Your work on this is amazing!

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Glad you liked it - I'm currently working on a set of plans for the Runabout cockpit. Afterwards, I should be working on some more TNG and VOY set blueprints.
*Heavy breathing.*  Dude! If you're planning on making this in real life I'd fly over to help, this is brilliant!
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This should come in handy with Blender
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Fantastic work.
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A labor of love. Thank you for your work MUCHLY
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This is really amazing work! Unbelievable amount of work.
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My Autistic OCD loves this!!!  And it will definitely be referred to if I get around to making a web comic of my fan fiction...too bad I don't have 3D software though.  Just Photoshop 7. ;)
la in love 
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A tremendous submission from Our Host.
What a clinic!
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Fantastic work. Been using some of your blueprints for measurement reference when I'm working on my own stuff since some of the sets got overhauls but parts of them remained the same. You're doing an amazing job!
This is amaaaazing! Though I'm no longer a member on the TrekBBS, I occasionally check in on your blueprint thread. Thanks for all the hard work!
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