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Runabout project (Set blueprint)

After over a year of work, the Runabout Project is finally here - blueprints for the cockpit as it first appeared in the DS9 pilot episode.

These plans should be of help to anyone who wants to build their own Runabout cockpit in cg or as a physical build. I think the set is ideal for fan films, and if anyone builds a set from these plans, I would love to know.

There are a few people  to thank for this project:
- Lt. Washburn for research into Runabout seats, feedback, proof-reading, error checking and suggested improvements. I feel these plans would not be as polished without his help over the past year.
- Tadeo D'Oria ( for 3D modelling the Runabout car seats. My own modelling skills weren't up to the task, and Tadeo was very kind to model this. Check out his site for his amazing work.
- Jörg Hillebrand and Bernd Schneider for their excellent research into the evolution of the Runabout interior over the seasons. (… ). Ex astris scientia is an excellent reference site run by Bernd Schneider.

Made with Google Sketchup and Layout

    This document is available as a free download.
    The Runabout Project is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

    These plans have been produced for non-commercial fan creations / productions.
    There is no intention to encourage any commercial activity regarding the Star Trek properties.
    STAR TREK and related marks are ™ & © CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Thanks.Great work. You just made a fan and a friend.

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I just wanted to congratulate you on yet another excellent piece of work. This document is so well put together and must have taken some hard work and a lot of time. Thanks for sharing it with us. I have just used it as a reference for doing a runabout cockpit interior and it was of tremendous help to see how everything was put together. Very well done!

U.S.S. Kestrel - Cockpit

Awesome work! Any chance you’d be willing to release the 3D model you used for the competed interior? I’m building one of the old AMT model kits and would like to 3D print an interior vs black the windows out.

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Is there a link to this?

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The pdf of these plans is on this page, but may not be displaying if you are using a browser on a mobile device. There should be a download button / icon on this page that will allow you to download as a pdf to read.
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Since the runabout set was used for so many ship-of-the-week bridges, this is even more useful than a first glance would suggest. thanks for the great material!
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Your welcome - I really hope to see what others do with these plans as a starting point

Impressive work and detail.

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This is amazing! I've been searching high and low for something even remotely similar to start my own build of the aerowing, or aeroshuttle, and you've blown my expectations out of the water. Thank you so much for this great reference!
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Glad that this helps - I always love seeing people using my blueprints to create something

Rick Sternbach designed the aeroshuttle to have the same front windows as the Runabout with the intent that the Runabout set would get reused for the aeroshuttle's cockpit.
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That's why I'm excited for the resource. :) I've not delved into photo matching and I don't have the time to learn right now so to have a good dimensioned set of prints is a huge deal to me.

Thanks again for the great work!

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Excellent work 😎
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This is fantastic. Thank you for sharing these!
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You're welcome - this has been a very fun project and a great challenge
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Already gave me a few ideas for the small civilian transport I'm working on ;)
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One of the ideas I've had is to turn the front of the transporter pod into a vertical Master Systems Diagram display. The rear of the pod would then be open with various pipes / lights/ GNDN components going vertically down for plot access
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That's not a bad idea at all. Especially fun to play with when they moved the transporter pad back further in the module behind the main door. 
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