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Galaxy Project set blueprints

These are my blueprints for the various sets from ST:TNG - an ongoing project that will update with each new room blueprint

Current version: 0.5.5
- Shuttlebay (series 1 and 2 configuration)
- Shuttlebay (series 3 to 7 configuration)
- Holodeck
- Reinforced door
- Corridors (Arches and braced corridor section)
- Set Dressing (Labels and control panels)

If you wish to view the pdf as a series of images instead, you can get them at…

Discussion topic for the set blueprints and research into the sets at TrekBBS (I am Redgeneral)…

- [29/07/16] Added Set Dressing
- [31/07/16] Added Shuttlebay series 3-7 configuration
- [11/12/16] Added Braced corridor section and arches, also reordered sequence of sections
- [14/12/16] Correction to Braced corridor section
- [01/01/21] Updated Set Dressing

These plans have been produced for non-commercial fan creations / productions. It is not this plan's intention to encourage any commercial activity regarding the Star Trek properties.
Star Trek is copyright CBS Corporation / CBS Television Studios and Viacom / Paramount Pictures

Blueprints made with Sketchup and Layout
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Fantastic work! Loved the details found in THE GALAXY PROJECT. I hate to sound stupid, but (too late!), can I ask question?

I see that you've identified the dimensions as being in inches. Do the dimensions, where possible, line up with the dimensions in Rick Sternbach's blueprints? Someone else's? Or, just based on your visual talents?

Just curious - and sounding stupid.

All the best,


I love these blueprints. Hopefully we will get make the sickbay, observation lounge and the ten forward.

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I haven't logged into DA since I still had HAIR and I just recovered my password so I could tell you that this is GODDAMNED GLORIOUS. I hope to god you are still working on this...
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Currently working on some Runabout cockpit set blueprints, but should be doing some more TNG and VOY set blueprints afterwards
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The Galaxy Class is my Favorite Starship class of all time, Followed closely by the 2290s Connie refit.
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My favourite is the Runabout, closely followed by the Ambassador class Enterprise C
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Cool, I kinda like the Ambassador class design myself, thought I would have loved to see Andrew Probert's design make it on screen.
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Thank you for sharing these. Again, they've been extremely useful!
Stunning detail.  Have you extrapolated all this from screencaps and trivia, or do you have at least some real blueprints to go off of?  Not that either one impresses me any less, mind!


So it appears you answered my question before I asked it!  I should have looked, first.
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I think those are among the best set of blueprints I've ever seen [and I've seen lots] for the series. Thank you for sharing.
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Wow.  This is truly amazing work.  I hate to think how long it took you to determine all the measurements!  Well done!
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Thank you - I should be updating this soon with sections of corridor
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