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Compacta Light Digitized

The red set labels used all over TNG, DS9 and Voy were silkscreened using a letraset transfer font called Compacta Light. Unfortunately the available modern digital version of this font doesn't match the original, so I had to recreate it for the Runabout Project.…

I purchased a letraset sheet, scanned it, reproduced it in Inkscape, and then used font forge to make my vectors into a font.

This font is provided free for all with no restrictions on the font - enjoy!

Zip file contains font file and a preview image

(Edit: accidentally left the "no" out before "restrictions" - oops)
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There are so many who hoard resources and don't share. Thank you for your sharing of these amazing resources, and for your hard work producing them in the first place.

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Hi, I've been following your Redgeneral Trek BBS thread and I was wondering if you're okay. You haven't posted there since June '19. The gang at BBS are all worried about you.

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Really great and nicely crafted resource. Thank you!
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Preview image:
Compacta Light preview by radishdalek  
(click for larger image)
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Can you purchase Dempsey?

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