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Sherlock: Security

I loved Sherlock's security guard outfit in the museum. Dat collar.
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He could guard my gallery anytime ;). Gorgeous, thank you!
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Sexy! Loved this outfit. You captured it so well, fantastic work!
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Whom`s is hotter? I`d still have to vote for Sherlock`s. X3 [link]
SherlocksFan10's avatar
That hat! Those curls peaking out of his hat! I was instantly sold by this look and don't regret it! xD And yes- that collar!! To me it emphasized his eyes ^^ -his beautiful pair of eyes :D
teetotally's avatar
smashing... was just re-watching the ep today and thinking that I'd been meaning to do a 'guarded' Sherlock for a while... now I won't have to - this is beautiful :D
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He looks so cute in the policeman form ^_^
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The scene was totally unrealistic - the woman didn't swoon and faint when he turned and stalked towards her in that hat.

Awesome drawing.
firelight-12's avatar
He is so sexy, it's actually ridiculous.
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i thought he looked really funny in that hat but you make him look smexii
L-word's avatar
Ah wonderful painting! <333
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Damn that outfit! very lovely portrait indeed!
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Marry me

This is sooooooooooooo hot. The colours are just so amazing. Insta fav.
mephistophelesia's avatar
At first look I thought it was a Cabin Pressure fa XD
love it <3
Mypwnwy's avatar
"Kissogram for John Watson..."
KrispyKitten's avatar
Can't wait for season 2!! :iconlaplz:
EntirelyInsane's avatar
It was gorgeous, wasn't it? Gah. The one thing I wish BBC would do better is incorporate more of Sherlock's tendency to disguise himself, like he does in canonverse. It could get so fun.
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Oh Security Guard!Sherlock...I would love to see him try and top this know, besides wearing the purple shirt that is. This is just gorgeous.
radiohamlet's avatar
Oh my god I totally mis-read your comment as "I would love to see him try and top in this disguise" lmao

Thank you for the comment! The purple shirt is always a preferred Cumberholmes wardrobe choice.
Nemesis12's avatar
You're welcome.
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*incoherent mumbling* I... I just..... Oh god *fans self*
PleaseListenToUs's avatar
My sentiments exactly!
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