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:iconradioactiverays:RadioactiveRays posted a status
Wow he's fat by RadioactiveRaysBack in march my brother recomended me to draw Zinc as an adult
I originally thought he'd be slim more like his mother, y'know? I've even sketched it a few times since then. But then about a month ago, I started thinking about what he'd look like of he was fat as an adult, so I finally sketched it today, and I REALLY liked it, idk why, so I made a better version.
He is still really short, and of course he's chubby, duh. His personality type I believe would be an ENTP, the debater. Yea, he loves to argue. I actually can imagine him becoming a lawyer. A pretty darn good and twisted one at that! He doesn't have many friends xD but it doesn't help that he's too shh to talk to people, unless he's arguing with them, dont make very many friends that way :v He still lives with his parents, mainly 'cause he loves them, and he's the most comfertable around them, but he pulls is own weight and pays a rent so don't go thinking he's some sort of hermit ò A ó his prents raised him better than that. Plus it doesn't hurt that he's rich, cause y'know, good lawyer and all > -> haha. He'd also be the weirdo to go into his dad's stash and dump out all his achohol. Probably make a fire out of it, yea, wheeljack taught him how to be a pyromaniac, but then his father taught him to be cautious, so he's a cautious pyromaniac who makes sure he knows what he's doing before he does it. His bigging problem is probably his arguing, he will argue about anything he disgrees with, or even just for fun, but he makes sure to have proof to back up what he's saying.
//I could write more, but Im too lazy right now, and I doubt anyone wants to hear about the baby as an adult xD

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