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 1. You have to post ALL the rules.
2. Answer 12 questions that you have been asked then create twelve more questions for the others that you tagged to answer.
3. Choose 12 people.
4. Legitimately tag these 12 people.
5. You can't say you don't do tags.
6. Tag backs are ALLOWED
7. You must do the journal entry

1) Tell me what your favorite anime/show is and why?

I don' t really watch anime ;; - ;;
I guess Hoshi No Kabii/Kirby Right back at Ya, that's pretty much all the anime I watch

I love that show because of the characters and how ridiculous it is, it's hillarious! Plus Silica is badass so win-winSirica-is-Wake-Up 

I have seen a little bit of Fairy Tale, but in the end I was too lazy to continue and it didn't really interest me that much. And I've seen BayBlade too but I hated all the characters Gingka Hagane icon  except for Ryuga and that one dude with a lion.

If anyone could recomend me a good show (doesn't need to be anime but can be) let me know, I need something to watch

2) What is the stupidest thing you've witnessed in your life?

No clue, I've seen so many stupid things it's not even funny

3) What is the one thing that makes you cringe?

My old artwork

4) Name the worst movie you've seen and why?

*Looks through movies really quick* Probably the Sponge Bob movies e3e, I think it's sorta obvious why...

5) What is the best book you've ever read, or fanfic?

Hmmmmm.... Hardest question in the world
I really loved Grandmaster, The Kill Order, Pivot Point, Freakling, *insert millions of other books here*

6) Do you support the hero or the villain of a story, why?

It depends, usually I don't support either

7) Do you think about becoming famous?

Sometimes, but then I remember I'm an extrovert who hates most people and has bad people skills:iconratchetwinkplz:

8) Show me your favorite drawing that you made, and explain.

  Stop Decepticon Scum! by RadioactiveRays
Because I loved the (cell) shading and just over all idea, Plus Autotroopers are a gift from God

9) What are your favorite qualities about yourself? What would you change or add?

I like how I'm super intuative and I'm good at writing, and qualities I would like to change is
1. To stop worrying about every single little thing
2. My spelling skills, I'd like them to al least be decent
3. ... I want to drink fizzy drinks without my mouth hurting, How do you people do that??? :stare:

10) Ever been on the weird side of Youtube? If so, what it is the strangest video you found?
(though, it can't be Salad Fingers, Dog of Man, or DHMIS, everyone knows those videos now)

I've never been there
And I've never heard of those videos

11) What was something you saw as a kid--that was not actually scary-- but terrified you regardless?

Probably my dad, lol
He's loud and grumpy, but my mom is the truly evil one, I know that now

12) What is the one thing you absolutely hate above all things? And one thing you love above all things?

Thing I hate most- Satan
Thing I love most- God

Though if you ment besides those then I hate the fact that alot of people hate Conservatives & Christians

And I love my tablet over all things

I don't know hardly 12 people so I'll just tag :iconprophetofprimes: and who ever wants to do this

My questions:

1. What's your favorite animal?
2. What is the most adorable thing you've seen?
3. Are you good at fixing things even when you don't know how to or what it does?
4. Favorite drink?
5. Do you like bad puns?
6. Favorite female character of all time?
7. Favorite male character of all time?
8. Would you rather freeze to death or die from over heating?
9. Scareist way to die
10. Did this just get dark or is that just me?
11. Favorite subject?
12. Are you a good speeler??? yes i miss spelled it pourposly
LillinApocalypse Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2017  Student Digital Artist
hahah I've been watching Hoshii no Kirby too XD I sort of grew up with that show haha
RadioactiveRays Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been watching it for probably 4 years q w my sister got me into it and at first I liked Knuckle Joe best xD
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