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((copy and pasted this from my status update yea since idk how many people sees those hah))
Bleping by RadioactiveRays
Would anyone be up for a small AT? I would like to practice my shading some more. As long as you can let me know what you want (like a chibi, or whatever) and the character you want me to draw. If there's a specific character of mine you want to draw, just let me know, if not then I'd just link you to a random one. Seriously, say "Can I trade with you" or "I'd be willing" or whatever, as mean as that sounds. Just tell me what you want, link me to the character you want me to draw, and I'll decide whether I like the character's design enough to accept
Skyracinghero717 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry Dear, Wish I Can Help you with that but I'm a Little but Busy with Things, Sorry :( 
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