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1) Post these rules.
2) Post a picture of your character.
3) Post ten facts about your character.
4) Tag five to ten others.

Yea, I'm a party pooper and I'm not tagging anyone pffft

I'm using Zinc cause he's my precious potato son > - >
Zinc's 1st Birthday by RadioactiveRays
1.) He was created as a joke originally but xgemfirex decided to ask me what his name was and I got attached

2.) If you can't already tell, he is, infact, the son of Ratchet and Arcee. I know a lot of people frown on fan-characters who are the children of cannon characters, but I love him. He's my naìve innocent little child.

3.) He grows up to become a lawyer, a pretty good one. Because of this he doesn't have any friends because how good of a twisted lawyer he can be. But hey, he's rich, he has his family and a few adopted relatives, he's fine. He just stays up most nights working on cases and burning the candle at both ends.

4.) I imagine he got really sick when he was really young (like before he could say most words) Ratchet decided, hey, give him a little hard grade! That'd help! And it did, Arcee was just really, REALLY pissed off at him. Don't be converting him into an alcholic! Luckily, he hardly ever drinks when he gets older, he hates the way it tastes, but he knows it can be used as medicine.

5.) He has no T-Cog. Unable to transform, and he has no special powers or weapons or whatever. I actually have noidea what his alt mode would even be, and I like the idea of him not having an alt mode. As for a weapon, he eventually gets a small dagger he keeps tucked away for self defense.

6.) He's a blasted runt. Seriously, he's premature and really tiny. I have always had a soft spot for runts, so of course the baby's a runt. And infact he STAYS small his whole life, his adult height only reaches to his mother's chassis. His immune system is absolute crap, especially when he was a smoll sparkling.

7.) He had an advanced vocabulary from an early age. His his fathers old timey slang terms and Arcee being a teacher, he caught on pretty quick. He was just originally really stubborn about not talking and just made small noises, he eventually broke and started having full fledged conversations. I imagine him to talk a little, then shut up, and then talk again.

8.) His favorite color is a pastel yellow because that's definitly important information you need to know. He has a small fuzzy blanket he's had forever that's a pastel yellow color

8.) He's super shy. He can talk with his parents, Omega, and Wheeljack just fine, but he's pretty much silent around anyone else, even Optimus and he's seen him and his father spend time together quite often, but he just can't force himself to say hello, even with Arcee urging him to be polite.

9.) When he gets older his personality type is an ENTP. Despite his extroverted qualities, however, he's pretty antisocial and he hates being around other bots. That's why he's cranky a lot, not from his father (but I'm sure that helped) but from lack of rest and not getting any enegy from being around anyone.

10.) Last one! *wheeze* He really likes to cuddle. A lot. His favorite thing to do as a toddler is snuggle up next to his parents and take a nap, or ask a lot of questions, or let them read to him, or all of the above. Usually when his parents read to him it consisited of millions of questions and falling asleep before the story was over.

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Zinc is a precious bean and will always stay that way. >:0
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