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Stole this from Greenflme912 

1.- When did you start to draw?
My wholeee life :stare:

2.- When was the very first time you knew about DeviantArt?
around 2012 or 2013 :,P

3.- Which is the first drawing you uploaded to the site?
Anoni the cat 1 by RadioactiveRays
It was done in MS Paint on October 6th, 2015

4.- Is there a drawing on your gallery you like the least?
TFA Ratchet by RadioactiveRays
...This one...
I used to love it but now it makes my cringe sooo bad xD
I'll redraw it one day q w q

5.- Out of all the drawings you have, which one is the one you're proud of?

Probably this one
Stop Decepticon Scum! by RadioactiveRays
I liked how all the shading came out, and how is combines two things I love q w q

As well as this one
AT::Buzz buzz says the bug by RadioactiveRays
I liked how her expression came out

6.- Do you keep your old drawings?

Heck yea, I have a giant box that's overflowing with old drawings!

7.- Digital or Traditional?

Depends on the mood and what I'm doing
For a simple sketch I like traditional, for a complex drawing I like digital

8.- How much do you draw? (Like every day or not often)


9.- Who's your inspiration on starting to draw?

My brain

10.- Have you showed your drawings to your family?

Yea, my dad and brother don't give a crud though -.-

11.- Do you know somebody from deviant or a friend who draws irl?

My sister, does she count o3o?

12.- Have you ever changed accounts?

Nope, just my username (I was formally Ninjagocatz90)

13.- How many friends do you have on dA?

6 (I need to edit my friend's list, rip)

14.- Who are your da best friends? 
(I'm going to change this to "closest friend on DA")

Probably Newuah-123
Though I mostly talk to her on google hangouts :T

But a friend Who I usually talk to on DA would be Prophet

15.- Describe your best friends?

They let me be random around them, they're both amazing, sweet people.
I have similar interests with them both, ect.

16.- Have you met someone on this site who you really like? Or love?

Not really, unless you count my friends
(Ya'll are the best!)

17.- Have you ever draw something that you regret to ever draw?

*Pulls out box of old drawings*
Yup o3o

18.- Which was the most amazing thing that ever happened to you on deviantArt?


19.- Would you keep drawing in the future too?


20.- Is there something you want to say to your watchers?

(I'm not a very mushy person and I suck at words)

ProphetofPrimes Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
#14 :'D
I might steal this
RadioactiveRays Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
;; w ;;
Go right ahead, I'll be watching for it nehehehe >:3
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