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Hey, yea;

I don’t care who the fuck you are

Friend, family, mutual, peer, ect

I don’t even care if you like transformers or not

They’re the same in the same age gap

I can understand why it’d be weird in my AU where one is a robot and the other is a human

But it’s gross when they’re both robots just because they’re ROBOTS?

They are also fucking aliens and it’s repulsing that I’m pairing ALIENS together too???

Yea, sorry B'ellana and Tom, you two can’t be together because according to them since one of you is klingon it’s too “disgusting” for some people

Yea, let me just keep my fucking mouth shut about my favorite thing because it’s “different” and “weird” to talk about. But it’s okay to talk about warrior cat pairings because that shit is fucking NORMAL

Listen, just keep your thoughts to yourself

If I’m disgusting for talking about my favorite thing then you can shut your fucking mouth before you DARE talk about YOUR favorite thing.

I’m so sick and tired of being called “gross” and “disgusting” or “weird” just because I ship ratchcee

I can understand, robots, not your thing, who cares, I couldn’t care less if you ship them or not

That doesn’t give you the right to call me out and treat me like shit just because I like a pairing


So shut your fucking mouth or go choke on some bleach!


More directed at people IRL
Also I want to thank my 2 friends who let me talk about ratchcee with them a ton
It means more then you relize
You know who you two are ♡♡

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I'm opening art trades
if you're interested, comment below or note me with the character(s) you'd want me to draw, and if you want it to be a chibi, fullbody, waist height, ect
If I have to draw a couple odds are I'd ask you to draw ratchcee so you've been warned haha
I'll chose based on the character design(s) I like the most

I dont know what im doing with my style anymore, you've been warned. I'd also be willing to accept writings in exchange for art just let me know. Though if it's writing it's a 99% chance for me to ask for ratchcee
yes I'm obsessed with them fight me

Yea, I've already posted a status post, but if people are anything like me they usually ignore status posts
2 people were interested, one of which didn't put in the character they wanted me to draw, and the other... I'm being very picky with because of personal reasons
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  • Reading: Cinder
  • Watching: Last Man Standing
  • Playing: Starbound & Shovel Knight Treasure Trove
Saw SPACEcheeseburger do this back in january and decided I wanted to get in uah

these are just some of my many ocs, will add more later
Don't care if it's friend, enemy, s/o, ect.

TF Merocal by RadioactiveRays

A cranky medic with Anti Social Personality disorder. Will probably beat you with a book if you complain too much. He liked books. Not datapads. Books. Big, heavy books. And he hates being a medic. What fun.
He's taken by SPACEcheeseburger's character runaway
- basic information -
Name: Mercal
Nicknames: NO
Gender: Male
Orientation: Homoromantic, homosexual
Personality: Very cranky, violent, rude, cruel, needs his personal space, hard to keep calm
Lover: Runaway
Close friends: Comoli (belongs to lavanderlights)

Malak by RadioactiveRays
A workaholic who never has any fun. Except with her girlfriend. Sometimes. Wants you to work hard but won't yell at you if you don't, she'd get Millix to do it instead : )
She's taken by SPACEcheeseburger's character Coldmirror
- Basic information -
Name: Malak
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Female
Orientation: Biromantic, demisexual
Personality: Serious, never cracks a joke, expects you to do your job, very clean and organized, doesn't take any funny bussiness, calm and collected
Lover: Coldmirror
Close friends: Quarel (belongs to lavanderlights)

P U N K by RadioactiveRays
An autobot spy who enjoys danger waaayyy to much. Really into neons and punk junk, very good at her job. Scary good. Very scary.
- basic information -
Name: Tripwire
Nickname: Trippy
Gender: Female
Orientation: Homoromantic, greysexual
Personality: Reckless, energatic, talktative, insensative, usually always happy, sneaky
Lover: Remedy (belongs to lavanderlights)

Egyy by RadioactiveRays
A rich mercenary and healer. Really likes fancy things, especially if theyre gold.
- basic information -
Name: Khonsu
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heteroromantic, Asexual
Personality: Arogant, holds herself to a high standard, sneaky, secretive, suspicious.
Lover: N/A

  Shard by RadioactiveRays
A dreamer by heart. Wishes to become a famous explorer, obbsessed with space, ships, and crystals/gems.
- basic information -
Name: Shard
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Orientation: Homoromantic, Homosexual
Personality: Loud, energetic, talktative, hopeful, looks on the bright side of everything, determined, a dreamer
Lover: N/A

Heyoan by RadioactiveRays
A crazy cat lady. Nuff said. Also likes to hunt and keep trophies from her prety :3
- basic infornation -
Name: Heatstroke
Nickname: Stroke
Gender: Female
Orientation: Panromantic, Pansexual
Personality: Territorial, Obnoxious, sarcastic, sneaky, moody, hard to please, curious, acts tougher then she actually is
Lover: N/A

Wal by RadioactiveRays
A pawn shop owner. Autobots can have shops that sell nick-nacks right??
- basic information -
Name: Groundappell
Nickname: Appell
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heteroromantic, Heterosexual
Personality: kinda annoying, talkative, acts happy... but seems to be faking it, loyal, 
a bit naive, hotheaded, easily bored
Lover: N/A

Whanj by RadioactiveRays
What is she?? No one really knows! Likes cute things
- basic information -
Nickname: Peral
Gender: Female
Orientation: does anyone know?? Does she know?? She's questioning I guess
Personality: Ditsy, energetic, talkative, sensative, naive, gullible, very optimistic
Lover: N/A

Hema by RadioactiveRays
Really likes swimming. Finds rare underwater creatures, jems, crystals, you name it they'll get it for you.
- basic information -
Name: Valtameri
Nickname: Valt, Ocean, Waterchild
Gender: Nb/ Agender
Orientation: Demiromantic, Demisexual
Personality: Quiet, graceful, smiles a lot (not really happy), will argue about literally anything though, manipulative to potential buyers, slow to trust others
Lover: N/A

Uejam by RadioactiveRays
She's a sweetheart, makes candy to sell and sometimes gives some away just because maybeapoledancertoobutshhh
- basic information -
Name: Petra
Nickname: Pet
Gender: female
Orientation: Biromantic, Bisexual
Personality: Compasinate, a sweetheart, dirty minded, kinda perverted twords certain bots (my gosh malak is VERY MUCH TAKEN, LEAVE HER ALONE), acts like a preverted grandma withalotofenergyapparently
Lover: -pending-

Panda hero by RadioactiveRays
An artist!! They like to paint and ink, always tired, seriously... tired...
- basic information -
Name: Umentik
Nickname: Ume, Tik
Gender: Nb/ Agender
Orientation: Demiromantic, Demisexual
Personality: Quiet, calm, zoned out, always stuck in their head, tired (doesn't sleep much), pesimistic, polite
Lover: Seashock (belongs to I-Am-A-Silver-Lining)


Nova Ref 2.0 by RadioactiveRays
finally something non-tf lol
Oh my gosh I love them!!! A fluffy alien seamstress who likes sweet things and the color salmon, especially salmon dresses. Also likes fluffy cute things
- basic information -
Name: Nova
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Nb/ Agender
Orientation: Panromantic, Greysexual (prefers feninime looking)
Personality: Sweet, quiet, always happy, polite, weak, sensative
Lover: N/A

Syrsha REF |2018| by RadioactiveRays
A fat fluffy... thing... kinda a god of sort I guess, more like Q from startrek, not a god but great powers. Likes to draw, has control over the sun and moon
- basic information -
Name: Syrsha
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Nb/ Agender
Orientation: Greyromantic, Greysexual
Personality: Grumpy, slow to trust others, short tempered, lonely, seems sad but tries to hide it
Lover: N/A

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  • Reading: Scythe series
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Wanted to get rid of a couple more characters I never ended up using...
I'd like to get rid of them together because I paired them up together
though if you end up buying them you don't have to keep them as a couple and just as whatever
::TEST:: Completed by RadioactiveRays SteamPunk Themed TF ::WIP:: by RadioactiveRays TF OC GearFlight WIP by RadioactiveRays
I dont have a colored version for gearflight, sorry to say :v
I'd be willing to accept pretty much anything accept paypal
and if you'd be willing to credit me for the design the first time you post anything about them I'd really love to see that!
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  • Reading: Cinder
  • Watching: Last Man Standing
  • Playing: Starbound & Shovel Knight Treasure Trove
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Rules I will break:
1. Write the rules. (Or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer.)
2. Write 13 things about yourself.
3. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
4. Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged.
5. Don't say, ''You're tagged if you read this."

1. I'm an extrovert who hates people auahh
3. I say "fite me" too much for someone who's small and weak
4. I'm too shy to even go up an order food or buy something, but then I'm willing to argue with anyone at anytime so yea
4. I am the ruler of procrastination, to those who don't know already im so sorry
5. I draw TFA Ratchet at least once a day
...I think I may have a problem...
6. I can't think right now, this is hard to do
7. Pacing. It's fun and better than drugs.
8. Cocaine cola because coke used to be made with cocaine and nice name I guess
9. I just stopped caring about typing grammatically correct
11. I know how to play the hat game
12. I live on poptarts
13. flannel is cool even in hot weather

1. About how tall is the tallest person you know / have met?
no clue, my uncle I guess?
2. What's one bug species you'd like to rid the world of?
3. Is winter over yet?
No, around here the weather is bipolar don't ask about seasons or the climate around here I'm confused half the time
4. Have you ever been to an amusement park? Which one(s)?
If I shared you'd know the state I live in though so hah
5. What are you most excited for right now?
6. Any summer plans?
7. What's the most interesting pet you've ever owned?
8. Is there a type of pet you'd like to own?
a birb
or a bunny
I'd name the birb bunny
and the bunny birb
unless I had love birbs then it'd be Ratchet and Arce bc I have a problem
9. Ready for Infinity War?
10. What's the last movie you watched?
Idk, I can't even remember what I had for breakfast lol

wait, it was nothing
11. Someone gives you $1000. What do you do with it?
12. What's one language you'd like to learn?
13. Don't you feel accomplished now that you've finished this tag?
nope, sorry, just tired still rip
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nice to know im not the only one whos procrasinating on these tags *COUGH COUGH*

1. Real Name: what
2. Nickname(s): Tom
3. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
4. Male or Female: uagh
5. Elementary: not any more
7. High School: yeeet
8. Hair Color: Light brownish idk
9. Long Or Short: short, like boy cut short
10. Loud Or Quiet: depends, stranger who didn't say something i disargee with, quiet, friends, loud, stranger who did say something i disagree with FITE ME YER GOING DOWN IN AN ARGUEMENT
11. Sweats Or Jeans: jeans
12. Phone Or Camera: what phone lol
13. Health Freak: depends, idfc about what people do with their health, but then I live to study how alchohol affect the body and tell them not to drink so much and why BECAUSE CIRRHOSIS 
14. Drink Or Smoke: no
15. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: yea
16. Political orientation: CONSERVATIVE BELIEVE IT OR NOT WOO

lets see how many watchers i lose saying that lol

17. Piercings: 
18. Tattoos: No

19. Airplane: never
20. Car Accident: does a four wheeler count?
21. Fist Fight: nope

22. First piercing: never
23. First Best Friend: like i know
24. First Instrument played: french horn
25. First award: like i get awards
26. First Crush: no oneeee
27. First Language: English
28. First Big Vacation: 4th grade, we went to alabama

29. Last Person You Talked To: mother
30. Last Person You Texted: i dont have a phone
31. Last Person You Watched: idk
32. Last Food You Ate: a bagel
33. Last Movie You Watched: idk
34. Last Song You listened To: idk i change songs so much
35. Last Thing You Bought: Ink
36. Last Person You Hugged: hug?

37. Food: Fried rice probably
38. Drinks: Sweet tea dangnabbit!
39. Clothing: flannel/plaid, t-shirt, blackwash jeans, watches, thats my normal outfit tbh
40. Book: NO
41. Color: Green (neon or dark) and rosegold
42. Flower: Water lilies
43: Music: Metal, Rock, Electionic
44. Movies: Dunno dont ask me tgese questions
45. Shoes: depends, for everything boots, to be comfertable sneakers
46. Subjects: Pfft

47. [] Kissed In The Snow
48. [] Celebrated Halloween
49. [] Had Your Heart Broken
50. [] Went Over The Minutes On Your Cell Phone
51. [] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation
52. [] Came Outta The Closet
53. [] Gotten Pregnant
54. [] Had An Abortion
55. [X] Done Something You've Regretted
56. [] Broke A Promise
57. [X] Kept A Secret
58. [X] Pretended To Be Happy
59. [] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life
60. [] Pretended To Be Sick
61. [] Left The Country
62. [] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.
63. [X] Cried Over The Silliest Thing
64. [X] Ran A Mile
65. [] Went To The Beach
66. [X] Stayed Single

67. Eating: nada
68. Drinking: nada
69. Getting Ready To: get ready for church
70. Listening to: The vaporizer
71. Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Planning?
72. Waiting For: No clue

73. Want Kids: Sure
74. Want To Get Married: depends on the person. Id be content just living with my signigicant other snd not deal with the legalities cause its not like I want to do anything
75. Careers in mind: I want to become a medical service technition for the army or an intelligance officer, if not then an EMT
76. Lips Or Eyes: what
77. Shorter Or Taller: what
78. Romantic Or Spontaneous: what
79. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms: what
80. Sensitive Or Loud: what
81. Hookup Or Relationship: RELATIONSHIP No sex, ever
82. Troublemaker Or Hesitant: idk

83. Lost Glasses/Contacts: Yes, several times
84. Ran Away From Home: Nope
85. Held A Weapon, For Self Defense: What do you think my brassknuckle is for show as a necklace? That to but uh you get my point
86. Killed Somebody: I'm tempted to
87. Broken Someone's Heart: I'm not sure no one told me
88. Been Arrested: Not yet

90. Yourself: nah
91. Miracles: depends
92. Love At First Sight: NO WAY JUST NO
93. Heaven: Yup, and I believe in hell too
94. Santa Claus: No
96. Magic: Nah

97. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: Ratchet
98. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: Tbh no
99. Do You Believe In God: Yes yes yes
100. Post As 100 Truths And Tag five People: No
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A friend I know in real life joined DA recently:
@Anonymous-Beast :iconanonymous-beast:
Go spam them
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Thank you all for entering! Here were the results
Results by RadioactiveRays
Making the winner be EmpressGypsy
Results 2 by RadioactiveRays

Also, if you don't know SPACEcheeseburger did some pretty sweet art of them
It'd be nice if you could go check it out and maybe say thank you or somthin'
Adopable RAFFLE (not mine) by SPACEcheeseburger
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  • Reading: Cinder
  • Watching: Last Man Standing
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The person who was originally going to take her backed out ((which is fine)) It just means I'm going to need to find a different home for her

Alright, I did NOT make this choice lightly, keep that in mind

I'd like to trade away my character Splitcycle.
I haven't really been feeling connect to her for a super long time. I'd been thinking about getting rid of her for a while now to be honest, and now I decided to actually let her go and get a home where someone will actually use her
SplitCycle ((Redesigned REF)) ::BIO ADDED:: by RadioactiveRays
She has art with her as well…
((I do have unwatermarked versions of some of them if you want them))

I'd like to get another character in return, idc if it has art or not or if it's premade or a custom or whatever. I would be willing to accept art, but it'd be unlikely, it'd depend on how much I like your art or not

Just a warning, I'm kinda picky with designs and art :v

I have some rules to whoever gets her, One to please use her! Second to not resell her since I'm not asking for any sort of currency, I don't care if you gift her or trade her away. Third I'd like to be credited for the design at least once. I don't care if you change her design, gender, information, whatever! I mainly just want her to be used by someone.
This should go without saying but before anyone asks it's not first come first serve (no dur), I'm actually kinda picky when it comes to characters believe it or not, and I have a few people (I ain't saying who) whom I will not accept anything from for personal reasons I'd rather not say.

If you have any questions please ask!
× ~ ×
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1) Post these rules.
2) Post a picture of your character.
3) Post ten facts about your character.
4) Tag five to ten others.

Yea, I'm a party pooper and I'm not tagging anyone pffft

I'm using Zinc cause he's my precious potato son > - >
Zinc's 1st Birthday by RadioactiveRays
1.) He was created as a joke originally but xgemfirex decided to ask me what his name was and I got attached

2.) If you can't already tell, he is, infact, the son of Ratchet and Arcee. I know a lot of people frown on fan-characters who are the children of cannon characters, but I love him. He's my naìve innocent little child.

3.) He grows up to become a lawyer, a pretty good one. Because of this he doesn't have any friends because how good of a twisted lawyer he can be. But hey, he's rich, he has his family and a few adopted relatives, he's fine. He just stays up most nights working on cases and burning the candle at both ends.

4.) I imagine he got really sick when he was really young (like before he could say most words) Ratchet decided, hey, give him a little hard grade! That'd help! And it did, Arcee was just really, REALLY pissed off at him. Don't be converting him into an alcholic! Luckily, he hardly ever drinks when he gets older, he hates the way it tastes, but he knows it can be used as medicine.

5.) He has no T-Cog. Unable to transform, and he has no special powers or weapons or whatever. I actually have noidea what his alt mode would even be, and I like the idea of him not having an alt mode. As for a weapon, he eventually gets a small dagger he keeps tucked away for self defense.

6.) He's a blasted runt. Seriously, he's premature and really tiny. I have always had a soft spot for runts, so of course the baby's a runt. And infact he STAYS small his whole life, his adult height only reaches to his mother's chassis. His immune system is absolute crap, especially when he was a smoll sparkling.

7.) He had an advanced vocabulary from an early age. His his fathers old timey slang terms and Arcee being a teacher, he caught on pretty quick. He was just originally really stubborn about not talking and just made small noises, he eventually broke and started having full fledged conversations. I imagine him to talk a little, then shut up, and then talk again.

8.) His favorite color is a pastel yellow because that's definitly important information you need to know. He has a small fuzzy blanket he's had forever that's a pastel yellow color

8.) He's super shy. He can talk with his parents, Omega, and Wheeljack just fine, but he's pretty much silent around anyone else, even Optimus and he's seen him and his father spend time together quite often, but he just can't force himself to say hello, even with Arcee urging him to be polite.

9.) When he gets older his personality type is an ENTP. Despite his extroverted qualities, however, he's pretty antisocial and he hates being around other bots. That's why he's cranky a lot, not from his father (but I'm sure that helped) but from lack of rest and not getting any enegy from being around anyone.

10.) Last one! *wheeze* He really likes to cuddle. A lot. His favorite thing to do as a toddler is snuggle up next to his parents and take a nap, or ask a lot of questions, or let them read to him, or all of the above. Usually when his parents read to him it consisited of millions of questions and falling asleep before the story was over.

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((copy and pasted this from my status update yea since idk how many people sees those hah))
Bleping by RadioactiveRays
Would anyone be up for a small AT? I would like to practice my shading some more. As long as you can let me know what you want (like a chibi, or whatever) and the character you want me to draw. If there's a specific character of mine you want to draw, just let me know, if not then I'd just link you to a random one. Seriously, say "Can I trade with you" or "I'd be willing" or whatever, as mean as that sounds. Just tell me what you want, link me to the character you want me to draw, and I'll decide whether I like the character's design enough to accept
  • Listening to: Angry Music
  • Reading: Cinder
  • Watching: Last Man Standing
  • Playing: Starbound & Shovel Knight Treasure Trove
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😳Single or Taken😳:
Single, and not wanting to mingle


; u ;

❤Favorite Color:
Rose gold  

😝Girl Best Friend:
This idiot

💯Boy Best Friend:
Probably this dweeb but idk

👰🏽Ever want to get married?:
I'd like to ;; w;; kinda doubt I will though

👨‍👩‍👧Want Kids!:
Yea, but again, doutful

🙎🏽If so how many🙎🏽?:
a lot :,)


♒Zodiac Sign♒:
 Scorpio (F2U) Scorpio (F2U) Scorpio (F2U) Scorpio (F2U) Scorpio (F2U)   

☕Last Drank☕:

🐱Cat or Dog🐶:
M E O W 
Kneading Air Kitten Icon 1 

😈Evil or Good 👼🏼:
- w 0

⚽Favorite Sport🏀: 
I don't got one ;; - ;;

🐼Favorite Animal🐨:
Funny Pallas Cat Icon Funny Pallas Cat Icon Funny Pallas Cat Icon 
Random Pallas Cat Icon Random Pallas Cat Icon Random Pallas Cat Icon 


🙅🏽Do you have haters?:
I have waaaay to many ;; w ;;

😂Funny or Nahh😂:
I try, I fail

📱Apple or Samsung📱:

In health class I am

I tag any person who wants to do this
;; u ;;
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  • Playing: Starbound & Shovel Knight Treasure Trove
So I went to a writing conference today as a field trip, one I volenteered to go on, it was me, my teacher, and 3 other people. I didn't get into any of the units I wanted, I wanted to be inside the fanfiction and freewrite units, and I didnt get in

The first unit we had to write a parody, it could be either a song or book or whatever. I got to work with 2 of the people who came with me and we made a parody of "White Christmas" because we all hated that song xD and we turned it into a song of the weather around christmas around where we live. So we had tornados, dry grass, how we dream for snow, all that jazz.

The second unit was poetry. I hate poetry, but the class was a lot of fun, it was actually my favorite of the workshops. We had to write about one of our experiences and how we felt about it, yada yada. I hate writing about my experiences and my feelings (believe it or not, but yet I'm going to write this haha, it just depends I guess) I had trouble figuring out what to do, until this one girl came over and made plesant conversation with me, and then told me to put myself in a place, like a building or the outside and write about it. So I did, I didn't do it in my point of view, but I REALLY liked how it came out. It was using the metophor of a blizard. Twords the middle I thought to myself, "yknow, this could wprk for Ratchet," and I went off that, in the end I hinted at some Ratchcee so in the end I got my fanfic ;; w ;;

Before I continue on I think I should say that I actually have no problem with liberals in general, if you're respectful to me, I'm respectful to you, just read this next part with an open mind please, and if you REALLY cannot understand why I was so uncomfertable and people are trying to pressure you into writing something you're against, just imagine being the only liberal in a room full of conservatives and you have the same stakes I did :,P

The third unit was a social justine unit and it was completely AWFUL. Pretty much the jist of it was that we need to write a story that would make the world a better place and share it with the class and we weren't alowed to debate or argue about what others said. Only problem is I WAS THE ONLY CONSERVATIVE IN A ROOM FULL OF LIBERALS. They stuff we had, and I actually do mean had, we couldn't write about something else, were very liberal. We couldn't write the thing to where it sounded like an argument or a debate, meaning no proof or logic to back it up, so I was stuck. I couldn't write anything without it being an "argument" I asked the lady at my table why we couldn't argue, and she said "It might hurt someone's feelings," and I responded, "So what?" She shut up for a bit after that. I even told them ahead of time that my beliefes are different then most people's and since they said "no arguments" and stuff I wasn't going to get into it since I might start an argument. They just shrugged it off and tried to get me to participate. The lady at my table asked me what I was into and I said "politics" and she started listing off these lefty things even though I EVEN STATED BEFORE HAND AGAIN about how my political views are different then most people's. I eventually just scoffed and started drawing some vent art. This went on for a bit, until the lady asked me if I liked to draw and I said,"yea," and so she asked if I wanted to draw something about what we were talking about. I said a stubborn no but in my head I was thinking, "What else do you think Im drawing?" She left me alone for a bit, then asked me if I enjoyed my other classes, I said I did and then she asked if I enjoyed the campus. To that, I said no because how pushy they were about trying to get me to write/draw things that conterticte my beliefs. Eventually she shut up, and then they had to share what they wrote. She wrote some really cheesy trash and drew a picture because she said that someone else was drawing. Yea, I wasn't a happy camper, during that whole hour of that session I was holding back my tounge and LITERALLY bitting my cheek to make sure I kept my mouth shut and not started an argument tbh I kinda regret that I nearly said that I was going to leave the room I felt so uncomfertable in there, but I didn't because I was scared of getting in trouble. All I learned from that class was "If you aren't a liberal, shut up, you opion is not welcomed here." THAT IS THE VIBE THE CLASS GAVE OFF I'M NOT JOKING.

My fourth unit was going to be a debate (kinda the oposite of the 3rd lol) but I had to leave before doing any actual writing so I aint gonna say much about that

I one of the people I went with what happened, and when I told them about the "people getting offended by arguing" they laughed, I laughed too, it was stupid, I mean, why would people get offended by a different opion?? I even told my teacher about it, being a little more serious and not just joking around, and she said if anything like that happened again, just walk out, if the people have a problem with it, she'd talk to them. That class really ruined the idea of collage for me, it honestly makes me just not want to go ((but I kinda have to)) My tecaher said if I go next year, and we aren't put in the class we wanted, that to get someone to change us and put us in a different class. Which, I'd be fine with the other classes, just never that one again. I love to argue so much and then they took that away from me as well as try to pressure me into doing something I didn't want to do.
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Aint gonna repost the rules since I aint taggin no one :,)

1) What do you sleep with at night?

A stuffed Hank (from finding dory y'know, the septapus), a giant stuffed whale, and a giant stuffed pygmy puff tribble
I also sleep with a bazillion pillows and a few blankets q w q (I want to be cuddled all the time but I hate being touched SO)

2) What is your profession? (Your hobby of sorts.)

I don't have a job....
Hobby would probably be writing, drawing, sculpting, ect

3) What is your favorite fandom? 

The TFA One :,D

4) What are your thoughts on Transformers?


5) Who's your favorite character? 

*cough cough*
If anyone asks it's Wheeljack's :L by RadioactiveRays Sad Potato Grandpa by RadioactiveRays Young and Old (+Speedpaint) by RadioactiveRays
Sassy Old Robo by RadioactiveRays Ratchcee Redraw by RadioactiveRays
He's my waifu no one touch him hisss

6) Out of everything you've read in your life, Name your favorite story.

"The Interlopers" By Sakii
Though I love the book "Grandmaster" I cant remember who its by and I'm too lazy to look rn, I could read that book 7 times in a row and not get tired of it IT'S THAT GREAT

7) What is your dream? 

To become a Medical Service Technician!
but noooo I have to be weak
Hopefully weights will help next year :,P
Another dream is to become a Paramedic
Yea my mother has lost all hope in me becoming rich xD

8) Who's your favorite parent? (if you have one)

I don't have oneeee

9) Do you like watches or clocks more? 

I have 8 but I can only wear 4 rn

10) Fite me. Would you like a piece of my artwork? 

Bro by RadioactiveRays

11) How many children do you have? (Own Characters) 

A lot! Over 125 but I love them all very dearly believe it or not //v . v
Zinc son has to probably be my favorite tbh
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Alright, ya'll, should know I dont do shoutouts, or at least I havent done one yet, but I'm making an exception

A friend of mine is saving up for a tablet to draw on and she has this reaaaalllyyyyy cute adopt you should check out ;; w ;;
Transformers auction 2 closed + bonus by SPACEcheeseburger
It's pretty cheap for the quality of the character, the sb price is only 8€ ;o;

If I had a paypal I would totally bid, but I don't so I'm just gonna help out by sharing it so maybe someone will be lucky and get her xD
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Rules that I'm going to break~
- You have to post ALL the rules.
- Answer 10 questions that you have been asked then create 10 more questions for the others that you tagged to answer.
- Choose 10 people.
- Legitimately tag these 10 people.

1) What's your dream job and/or current job (if you have one)?
My Ddream job is to be a Medical Service Technician. Though if that doesn't work I want to be an OB GYN
I'm weak halllppp
2) Books or movies?
Books! They work when the power is out and there's more detail xD
3) What's your favorite holiday and why?
Probably New Years 'cause we do nothing special :,)
4) What's the most difficult thing you've ever done, or tried to do?
Draw TFA Arcee
It's haaaaardddd
5) What's one thing you liked as a kid but makes you cringe now?
I'm not sure... Dora??
6) What's your favorite sport and why? (It can be any competition team, even Drill or Quidditch.)
I'm not a big fan of sports
Probably futball/soccer, 'cause once we were playing it in summer school and I got hit in the face with the ball. So my history teacher (who was the coach) went over to make sure I was okay and my glasses weren't broken and cheered me up. Only time since 3rd grade that I've enjoyed gym Q w Q
7) What's something you're really looking forward to?
uhhhh idk???
8) If you could become your own character in any series, which would it be?
I want to Phred 'cause he's a hot Autotrooper >:v
9) Do you tend to give your OCs more tragic or happy backstories (if you have any)?
TRAGIC! It makes everything more interesting!
TBH, I think so far Dia is the only one of my characters who has a backstory, and the backstory isn't tragic xD
10) It's a zombie apocalypse! What do you do?
Find all my Ratchcee shipping friends and Prophet and Newuha and go live in an abandoned house with them. Heck, if I'm gonna have to try to survive and fight for my life, might as well be around people who can stand my obsession so they won't throw me at the zombies first chance they get :L

I ain't tagging no one, soz I aint leaving questions
I'm sorry
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Ayeeee another one of these. I've been designing a lot at school and I had a few lying around so welcome to dump number dos!
Like last time/all the time, it's an OTA.
There are a lot of teshrists and there are writting beside them stating Goo color, glow color, and goo type. YOU MAY NOT CHANGE THESE. You may change any other color though (pretty much just the armor, which has no color currently)
Goo type is new because I thought that some teshrists would be better suited with a different goo besides normal

Take good care of them
You may resell/gift/trade, just let me know who the new owner is so I can stalk them :stare:
Credit me the first time you draw them please
Once adopted save the file ASAP so watermark the slag outta it!
Some of the characters has information added to them you can change it if you wish
You can change the character's design/gender/ect. anything about them!

| You may offer |
Nintendo E-shop cards
(pretty much almost anything except paypal)

The only reason there's a form is to make everything neat and tidy - w -

Number(s) of design(s) you're offering for:
What you will be offering:

Ab for each (except number 4 which will have a separate one)
2000:points:, will come with a completed version once colors are given

| Closed |
1b by RadioactiveRays

This little baby is based off my snotty dragon cat, Smaug!
She's supposed to be Egyptian themed
They're snotty, arrogant, and graceful (much like my cat)

| Open |
2 by RadioactiveRays
Ah, a teshrist.
He has a different goo then normal, his is extra drippy and runny q w q
maybe it's cause he's sick

| Open |
3 by RadioactiveRays

Aaaand another one.
I had a bunch of ideas based on puns and idioms, and I still do.
This one has goo that's galaxy colored (I can't spell I'm so sorry)
I have another idea for a space themed one but I haven't made it yet haha

| Open |
4 by RadioactiveRays
Idk I drew him random
I will pretty much take almost anything for him.
(his Ab price is 500:points:)

| Open |
5 by RadioactiveRays
I made a teshrist in drag whaaaaaaaaat
tbh I seriously adore him Q w Q\\
His goo isn't as drippy 'cause he doesn't wanna ruin his good looks >:T

| Closed|
Untitled Drawing by RadioactiveRays

I'm not even sure what the heck this is supposed to be
I kind of like this design, idk why, must be the visor

| Closed |
Untitled Drawing by RadioactiveRays

Idk I was trying to design something sorta tfa themed

| Closed |
Untitled Drawing by RadioactiveRays

some sorta fish femme??
I'm not sure

| Open 
9 by RadioactiveRays
I had the song "I'll sleep when I am dead" running though my head
So ta-da! He'll sleep when he's dead!
Who knows how long that will be though :/

Untitled Drawing by RadioactiveRays

An old adopt that never found a home
His alt is a Giant Japanese Salamander (one of my favorite animals squeee)
But he thinks he's a kappa

| Pending |
Aaa.bpng by RadioactiveRays

I haven't used him yet and idk when I will, so he's up for grabs

| Closed |
The Cuorious Cat By Straycatz90-dbobqsv (1)taken by RadioactiveRays

The original owner never used them so they gave him back and told me that I could find him a new home
So I will!
His goo type is normal

Please let me know if you have any questions at all!

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Sorry for lack of everything, I've been feeling pretty much dead since we're getting ready to work on my room ;; w ;;
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How old are you?
Some number

What gender and pronouns do you identify with?
I'm a gal
So she/her slag... that'd be fine, but seriously, idc, I ain't 'bout to get my britches all knotted about about it

You're name?
Real name? Rather not say.
Online Name? Tom

How social are you?
Despite being a extrovert, not very. I hate people. (in general)


How long have you been on DeviantArt?
almost 2 years

What are your future plans on this site?
I don't know, bro

Do you want to pursue a career in art?
Eh, Kind of, I would like to be an Art instructor, but I'd rather be a detective, or work for the CIA or FBI

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your art skills?
6. I screw up a lot of junk

Do you ever plan on leaving DeviantArt?
Maybe, Maybe not, idk.

Who is your favorite visual artist?
I don't slagging know
SpaceBurito, Golly, Slugbox maybe?? idk
do they count???

Do you use a tablet or a mouse?

How long does it usually take you to finish your work?
8 million years

How well do you handle criticism?




What is your sexuality/romantic preference?
Sstraight, guys, males, bois, need I say more?

Are you currently in a relationship?

Is your partner/spouse a Deviant? 

How long have you been together?
:stare3d: Stare 3D 50x50 derp 

I tag people who'd like to do this
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Yup, I'm going back to the allergist monday for a three-month check up sorta thing. Which is great since my meds are moodier than me, sometimes the work, but most of the time it doesn't

Since the drive there is an hour long I'll want something to do. They will be done on mediband on my tablet so it won't be the best

Art Examples::
AT:: Sass Master by RadioactiveRays AT:: What a beaut by RadioactiveRays Smoll and sweet by RadioactiveRays
These are very new and I might try something different with the shading (sorry)
& like last time I'll be doing a chibi, I expect you to do the same

Comment below if you're interested with the character you want me to draw and what character of mine you want to draw
Nothing 18+ please
No OcxCannon please
I will be choosing one person
Idc is traditional or digital art

Things I can draw for this::

Characters you can choose to draw::
Malak by RadioactiveRays Mary Had a Little Lamb by RadioactiveRays Rad by RadioactiveRays TF Merocal by RadioactiveRays Lucky Gal by RadioactiveRays Dia REF by RadioactiveRays Oc Nova ((REF)) by RadioactiveRays SplitCycle ((Redesigned REF)) ::BIO ADDED:: by RadioactiveRays Wacom (ref) by RadioactiveRays Art by Nix-tempesedo by RadioactiveRays No name by RadioactiveRays Merocal by RadioactiveRays
Like last time I would also be willing to accept tfa ratchcee
(You may pick another one just run it by me first Q w Q)

Fill this out please:

Character you want to draw:
Character(s) you want me to draw:

I'll make my desion in about 48 hours (Saturday, 8:30 p.m. CST)

Let me know if you have any questions
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my first speedpaint for those who havent seen it yet ;; w ;;