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The book is definitely a paperback + small update by RadioactiveRays The book is definitely a paperback + small update by RadioactiveRays

Sorry for the art spam today ugh

A friend opened requests on IG, and me being me, I requested a TFA Ratchet in a japanese school girl uniform aaaand they did it, I fell in love and decided to draw it

As for the update/ mini rant, I decided I'm going to be changing all my TFP ocs to either be TFA or some AU.
In all honesty I don't really care for TFP, I just liked making complex designs, the show wasn't interesting enough to me. You never knew about the characters' backstories much, and with little information about the wars it made it VERY hard to come up with backstories for my own ocs. And with backstories for character the little information you were giving was like "what? What are you trying to do" seriously, in all honesty I don't like Ratchet in TFP :T I'm mean, COME ON, he can replace Bumble bee's voice box! If he's such a smart bot he could just hotwire a mic or radio or something! Geeze! There wasn't much to think about in TFPLlama Emoji 41 (Sleepy) [V2]I love overthinking and there is literally nothing I could completely overthink of for headcanons for a character. Like I have some pretty depressing headcanons for Ratchet in TFA but they're not without reason! I honestly feel like TFP is just some jumbled mess without anything, i don't know how to explain it, it was too cheesy! Too cliche! ANd again, the least that could've been done was more information about their backstories, I mean, we know Arcee's and everything, but it didn't really affect me at all, the backstories and TFA really hit me, Ratchet and Optimus's were both so heartbreaking, and other's made a lot of sense to their character. And you can tell they deal with what happened in their past, not just "this is why I hate this person/bot/whatever" yea, they did do that "this is why I hate them thing," BUT, if we can remember, Optimus gets arachnophobia (by arachnophobia, I mean it by it's actually way, A FEAR THAT MAKES YOU UNABLE TO DO YOUR JOB, not just a fear, but one where you need PROFESSIONAL help, sorry, I just hate how phobia is always used incorrectly), Ratchet gets PTSD, Prowl becomes more secluded, and Bumblebee and Bulkhead have to live with the guilt of sending an innocent bot to prison. Seriously, TFA is more intense than TFP and TFA is just a normal cartoon, no CGI or gore crap. Okay, this has just turned into a long argument about how TFA is better than TFP so I'll just backtrack real quick:
ALL my tf characters are going to be made into TFA or a TF AU characters because of my struggle with TFP. TFA is because, one I love that show, but two, I have a very good idea for a comic with my TFA ocs I REALLY like, I wish I could share more about it but I don't wanna spoil anythingLlama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1], but I'll give you a hint, it's really playing on loyalty Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] for my AU it'll be the same name of my comic I guess, "Forgotten History", one will just have TFA either in front or behind it when it comes to my comic idea. I call it that because I'm not good at names, but it's gonna have more information of Dia's gang, which is VERY secretive and virtually unheard of. When it comes to my AU I'll have NO cannon characters, it'll feel nice having complete control of everything. I can decide what the wars were like and everything. it'll be fun.

HeapingScrapheap Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
He's late for grumpy old bot school. :O 

Also, if you decide that's what you wanna do, I say go for it. ^^ You have a good reason for doing so, plus... They're your characters. ^^
RadioactiveRays Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
What does he learn there? How to be a sassy grandpa? ;; o ;; how to complain about everything? Guess I'll learn when I'm old
DragonsOfTheStars Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
TFA was pretty good. 
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