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WHYCant i make a HDR foto?HELP



this is not suposed to happen !!!!-.- why isnt it working

iv used the AEB

iv done it my self manually with the exposer levels . but its keeps on ending up like this ! a complet mess . HELP !!!!
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I only just started with HDR, but here's my workflow:
First, you need to take a series of pictures with different exposures. Use a tripod for that, so you have the exact same image except for the amount of light in it.
Then, import them in Photomatix (if you buy it, you'll get rid of the watermark). Photomatix will offer you several different processing methods and give a preview how it will look like. Select one you like, then play around with the settings. Then, click 'process' and save the processed image. That's all.

There are tutorials here on dA. Check out this, for example [link]

I have no idea how you'd wind up with something like this. If you can't figure out what went wrong, I might be able to help if I could see your source images. Send me a note in that case.
I hope this was helpful in some way.