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This donation thingy is to help people who don't have enough points to get adopts that I make or a commission if they really want one.

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RadioactiveFlowers's Profile Picture
United States
I've recently ventured into the realm of graphic design, and realized how amazing illustrator is. I guess you could classify me as a photographer though,
but that's no fun, it sounds like a job.
Love: Radioactive Flowers, and more radioactive stuff!
I don't bite guys, feel free to ask if you would
like me to make downloads for my pics available.



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Mystery Pop Vinyl Redesign
We were challenged to perfectly replicate a piece of packaging and then improve it, so I tossed in some rainbows.
The Radio Cube
My official RadioFlower Sticker, there's one on my laptop!
Blue Crane Coffee
I created this and then found out it was already (almost) the name of a coffee shop.
The Basics
1. Full name: Ally England
2. Age: 19
3. Birth Date: January 29th 1999
4. Birth Place: Cape Cod, MA
5. Gender: Female
6. Occupation: Student
7. Primary School: Harmony and North Oldham
8. High School: North Oldham
9. College/University: University of Kentucky
10. Eye Colour: Blue
11. Hair Colour: Brown (or red, I keep dyeing it)
12. Currently Living: USA, Kentucky

13. Food: Steak
14. Drink: Chai Tea
15. Band/Singer: Wolfgun / SPG
16. Song: Projections / Mecto Amore
17. Movie: The Fuckin' Matrix
18. TV Show: Doctor Who
19. Book: Sherlock Holmes / Hitchhiker's Guide
20. Colour: Blue

Do you prefer...
21. Coke or Pepsi? Dr Pepper
22. Anime or Disney? Both?
23. Guys or Girls? Also Both
24. Lips or Eyes? Eyes
25. Kisses or Hugs? Hugs
26. Eating or Drinking? Eating
27. Novels or Comics? Novels
28. Summer or Winter? Winter (fuck summer allergies)
29. Outdoors or Indoors? Indoors
30. Camera or Cellphone? Camera
31. PS3 or Xbox 360? Xbox 360
32. TV or Computer? Computer

Something personal...
33. Why did you choose your username? I like flowers... And neon colors (and radioactivity as a whole), so I said "why the heck not?" (also because "missvampire" was getting old lmao)
34. What is your favorite piece of your own work?  Show us:
Tabby Slime by RadioactiveFlowers
35. What is your most popular Deviation?  Show us:
Evil Tiny Box Tim by RadioactiveFlowershnnnng
36. Look to your left. What is the first thing you see? a pile of blankets
37. Now to your right: A couch pillow
38. Something you can't live without: A camera / my bf (sappy, I know)

The last...
39. Person you saw: My mom
40. Person you hugged: My sister
41. Movie you watched: Isle of Dogs
42. Song you listened to: Imagination by Dr Steel
43. Book you read: Spice and Wolf Manga
44. Thing you ate/drank: Coffee
45. Time you cried and why: Finals stress, last week, college is a bitch.
46. Time you laughed and why: My mom told me my dad was being grumpy today
47. Time you went out: yesterday I went to lowes to see my bf on his first day of work c;

The first...
48. Person you dated: The Coldest of Cyborgs, Jacob.
49. Person you kissed: Also Jacob
50. Crush you had: still jacob
51. Thing you think about when you wake up: Going back to sleep (still true)
52. Best friend you ever had: The first? I can remember one named Rose (also one named Iman?)
53. School you went to: Star of the Sea in Oregon (shut down, lovely place)
54. Big holiday you went on: Disney
55. Award you got: Probably a participation trophy for one of the five sports I was in as a small child.

Have you ever...
56. Broken the law: Does stealing chips from my Uni's subway count?
57. Been arrested: No
58. Had a hangover: No
59. Been in hospital: Yes
60. Been in a car crash: No
61. Flown on a plane: Yes
62. Been on a boat: Yes
63. Travelled overseas: Does Canada count?
64. Had sex: No Comment .-.
65. Gotten pregnant: No
66. Had an abortion: No
67. Been to a concert: Yes
68. Pretended to be sick to avoid doing something:Yes
69. Skipped school/work: Hah, yes all the time, rip my calc grade.
70. Broken a bone: Nope

Deviant time...
71. Who is your closest friend on Deviant Art? TimberFloof (Rachel)
72. What is your favorite Deviation by them? All of them! (they're so goddamn cute and fluffy owo)
73. Which Deviant's artwork do you like the most? Still the flood master
74. What is their greatest work?  Show us:
.:Calming:. .:AT:. by TimberFluff
75. Any favourite Deviant Art groups in mind?
76. What is your favourite artwork by the Founder of the group? They're all deleted :c
77. The Co-Founder(s)? That's meee
78. How about the Contributors?
 Miki by BoySmooches
79. Who was your very first Watcher on Deviant Art? Spensora
80. What is your favourite artwork by them? eh?
81. Have you ever had any Daily Deviations?  If you have, show us: none.
82. Have you ever won a contest with your artwork?  Show us: Nope
83. Show us the first Deviation you submitted to Deviant Art: I dun want my first one to be here... feckin weeb.
84. Show us your most recent submission:
 The Pepper by RadioactiveFlowers

More personal stuff...
85. Religion: more or less a Methodist
86. Social class: Middle Class
87. Ethnicity: Mostly Northern English
88. Languages spoken: English, very little Spanish...
89. A scar you have: Cut on my hand from a knife
90. Preferred medium: Digital

Totally random...
91. Where is your dream holiday location? England
92. What are you wearing right now? Kiki's Deliver Service shirt and batman pajama pants
93. What is the last thing you bought? Sour skittles / vinegar pringles / apple hichew
94. When did you join Deviant Art? May 2013
95. WHY did you join? somewhere to put all my art
96. What type of membership do you have? Normal
97. Are you playing The Game? Fuck youuuu
98. Are you a member of any other websites? Chicken smoothie, roblox, FT, FA, FB, Skype(?), youtube, google, flightrising, all of the social medias.
99. Do you enjoy answering pointless questions like these ones? Yes!
100. You're DONE! Now, tag 5 friends: no.


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