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Figured it was about time for a journal update! But what to write about xD

Life in summary, I suppose!
  • Work is still good, peeps still super-nice, everything's slightly less scary now xD
  • Excited for actual spring weather, not this mutha-nature-having-a-fit type of weather we've been getting.
  • Excited for spring because excited for birding (mostly hawkwatching tho, since I am biased and think raptors are the coolest |D). Finally got a pair o' sweet b'nocs! Also hoping to use enthusiasm for birding as a springboard into tackling my bug phobia (remember, kids-- a phobia is something you will fight against your whole life! Without consistent work, you will relapse. I made the mistake of thinking I had 'conquered' my phobia, and stopped working at it before I went into college. And booooy did it come back with a vengeance!!)
  • Looking foward to Chevelle's new album!! They are definitely my current favourite band. Such dang beautiful songs!! I've been keeping a keen eye on their Tour Dates page to see if they'll have any Canada shows at all. Not likely, but I can hope |D
  • Still want to do some Idlewild fanart aaah
  • Also excited for new Game o' Thrones season starting soon!!

Aaand that's pretty much it
Quick update on life: work be busy! But good! The people be super-nice! Still SUPER shy around everyone but eh, it'll improve with time.. I hope >>
The free coffee and cookies :iconlazycryplz:

Still pluggin away at my Crooked Steps comic. Hard to work on when you feel like napping the moment you get home from work |D There's just so little time, too!! How to help cook, eat, and clean dinner, do necessary chores, exercise, then have time for funstuff, ALSO with getting enough sleep? Eh. Life has its riddles.
Having graduated college last April, the ending of summer is bittersweet for me since I won't be returning to school in September. It's still something I'm not used to-- I think it'll take a few years for it to really sink in, and I think most of my classmates would agree. It feels like I've missed out on valuable time on an approaching deadline, when nothing's really due.

So, summer's ending, but forever's beginning--I got the call today. A company wants to hire me as a Graphic Artist starting next Tuesday, September 3rd! I am excited but still nervous. I feel like the work is completely tailored to my strengths, but it's in the type of large corporate work environment I'm not accustomed to. The work seems really interesting, though! I start with a 6-month contract that will either get renewed with a longer contract, or if I'm not a good fit, they'll terminate it. So there's still a fair amount of nerves to be had-- will I make the cut? Will I fit in with their crew? I guess I'll know in six months.

Other than the new job, I am excited for fall weather, and Halloween, and going for hikes in the autumn forest sans bugs (after all the dopey wasps have died, of course), and more pumpkin pies, and ice-skating, and the Supernatural convention in October!! It's weird, though, to think of those cold winter months without being in school :I My ol' classmates and I will have to arrange meetings at Starbucks or Tim's to have coffee together or something, to try and emulate the feeling of being back at school |D I miss it already!
Edits: changed my avatar to a properly silly face |D /edits

So I decided to give my dA avatar a long-overdue upgrade! Seriously, it's been YEARS of having it as that silly 'lul' face xD Thing is tho, I don't even recognize myself anymore |D

... I'll probably change it later to something a bit sillier, but not as crappy-looking as my old avatar xD

ANYWHOM. I had to re-type this journal because I apparently submitted it into the void? Hopefully this isn't a repeat for my watchers ^^;
CuteKing by Anuwolf

Anuwolf's gecko, King Ghidorah, has had some pricey vet bills lately! To help pay for them vet bills, Anu has opened up some super-discounted commissions (just $15!) for canine/werewolf portraits with minimal backgrounds. Anu is a college student on a shoestring budget and these latest expenses (among others) have seriously depleted her funds from 'alarmingly low' to 'how will I pay for college in September'. Any help is super-appreciated!!

For more info, take a look at her journal here…

Some commissions she's done thus far:
Ahk by Anuwolf    Atlas by Anuwolf    Ahrien by Anuwolf    Blade by Anuwolf    Hunter by Anuwolf    RedEyes by Anuwolf
Well, college is all done officially now! Four years of slogging through all them art assignments. Phew.

Not too much has been going on in the meantime-- just moved back home, been organizing the GALLONS of stuff I now seem to own, going through a long list of chores and appointments I've been neglecting throughout college (e.g. getting an eye exam done, haven't had one since 2007. And apparently now that I'm over 20 years old it'll cost $98! Yikes!).

Creatively, I've been keeping busy by being a giant nerd and DMing my own homebrew campaign. How can something be so exciting, exhausting, nerve-wracking, yet fun all at once? There's always so much pressure on DMs to deliver a good story xD It truly is the penultimate test of creativity and improvisation! I wish I had other people to bounce ideas off of/dicuss DMing techniques, tips n trix with |D

To do during summer:
1) Continue job search!
2) Go outside more and acclimate self to bugs to negate fear of said bugs
3) Go to an awesome concert!
4) Research more about Milne's Hollow for potential cool creative projects
5) Work on potential webcomic ideas
6) Exercise off 4 years' worth of Smartfood-and-Tim's diet. Must be able to outrun everyone else in the event of a zombie apocalypse
7) Practice drawing people consistently, faces and expressions!
8) Organize a get-together with ol' classmates in which they will actually show up |D
9) Make some more Idlewild fanart with symbolism and stuff!
10) Stuff and Things.
I was wondering if anyone else had an Intuos 5 Touch tablet, and if they've had issues with the pen nib scratching/damaging the tablet surface. I've tried searching the web for this issue, and haven't found anything.

When I first got the tablet, I used the pen nib that the pen came with straight out of the box, and it felt like it was catching/scraping on the surface, and when I looked at the tablet at the right angle/lighting, I could see many little scratches. So, I swapped out that nib for one of the softest ones in the small collection of nibs that came with the tablet stand. This particular nib was white and semi-spongy feeling, and made a marker-like sound when used on the tablet, but at least it didn't scratch it! Until...

I just realized there is a pretty bad gouge in my tablet surface, as well as some more scratches. Bewildered, I looked at my tablet's nib to see that it had been filed down to a sharp point! What! Maybe that's what this nib was intended to do, I have no idea.

I'm very careful with my tablets; my Intuos3 that I have had for probably 6-7 years at this point still looks relatively pristine, no joke. And this new, expensive, awesome Intuos5 tablet damages itself within the first 2 months of me owning it. I don't understand. Is there some fundamental assumed knowledge about using nibs and such that I'm totally missing?

It's particularly depressing because Intuos5 Touch tablets can't have their drawing surfaces replaced like in the older models--they specifically inform users of this. I've retired my Intuos 5 for my trusty non-self-harming Intuous3 for now--but yeesh! Does anyone have any opinions/advice on this issue? I'm at an utter loss.
Life in Summary:

1. Wat is real life, wat is future; how do
2. I miss playing campaigns! I wish there was a newbie's guide to creating your own campaigns from scratch completely--thing is, I don't think most newbie DM's are crazy enough to try that |D Part of me really wants to just collapse and stick to the books and see how that goes (so I don't have to make stats for brand new enemies, create maps without a basis or framework, define worlds, come up with prices and items, etc etc) BUT I've always felt that the generic "your characters are a band of heroes that have to go on an adventure to get some loot" as a terribly boring premise. Where's the character development?? The motivation, the story?? I can't just throw mindless goblins at players to be killed, I want to throw Turians or messed-up but tragic ghosts with backstory and reasons!! skjlkdjalkjdldj I wish there were mentors for DMs |D
3. Final decision: if I ever get a cat or Pomeranian, it's name will be Commissioner Waffles.
4. My sis Anu is coming home soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EXCLAMATION
5. but mostly tomato
Caution: storytime ahead!
When I was little, I'd go on hikes with my dad and sisters into the valley where an abandoned house lay. This house, old and decrepit with boarded-up windows and crumbling bricks, always fascinated me. As I grew up, I found myself using the Milne House, as it was called, as the subject of research papers and school newspaper articles. I loved finding out about how the house and valley it was nestled in used to be; that there were saw mills and wool mills, a general store, a dam, farmlands, and orchards of apple and pear trees, all owned by the Milne family and would have been right outside my doorstep, if I traveled  over a century back in time.

I found this all so fascinating because I live in a large city. Old or abandoned structures and nature are hard to come by-- so this house, and the valley, held a sort of magic for me.

Recently, that thin dirt-path trail we used to follow through the wiry trees to the Milne House and beyond, has been replaced by a paved pedestrian path, and a chain-link fence has been put up around the Milne House. The fence I can understand, since the house has suffered from many attempts at vandalism and arson. But the path, I found a little depressing. Whereas before you'd have to pick your way through fallen trees, jump over gulleys and makeshift log-bridges to get through the forest, now you can just walk leisurely through without a thought about exploring the deeper parts of the woods. It's weird how the presence of a paved path makes an invisible barrier like that-- "here's where you walk, and here's where you don't walk."

But, I will say that the conservation groups have done an amazing job bringing life back into the valley. They've been working at making a proper, low-impact trail system (hence the paving and fence-making) and re-introducing native plant species to the area. At first I thought the ridiculously high amount of pedestrian traffic going through because of the path (compared to the next-to-nothing state it had before) would mean that no wildlife would have moved back into our area of the valley, but I was proved wrong!

A few days ago my sis ObsidianHyena and I were walking through and we could hear frogs along the riverbank, a multitude of songbirds, and at one point Obsid heard a crackling of branches in some distant trees, across a field of reeds. The source of the noise ended up being a pair of deer! I'd heard of the occasional deer wandering through the 'green belt' of our city but never thought I'd see one myself. So, Obsid, being the adventure-seeker she is, immediately decided to trek out through the marsh and into the trees along a ridge, hoping to circle back around the deer to get a closer look. I stayed on the path because I'm a bug-phobic doof.

Apparently she got pretty close to the deer and identified a doe and a buck with wee antlers. The deer moved off and Alex returned to the path where I waited, and convinced me that we should both go off-trail and climb up the ridge to follow the deer. Needless to say, many spider-webs were walked into and many steep hills were climbed, but the deer had vanished. Still a good hike though; we went as far as the train trestle that spans the valley and had climbed high enough up so that we were level with it. It was gorgeous! The dappled sunlight coming in through the trees, with the heavy feeling of humid summer air. The train trestle was particularly awesome when standing at ground-level; you would look up and catch the glare of the sun on the rusted structure, seeing the beams' colour wash out in atmospheric perspective as it stretched away from you across the valley. It's hard to describe. It's like you're looking at some ancient, monolithic alien relic, with its sheer size and silent heaviness. It was just really cool!

So anyways...
Anyway, so that recent visit has re-kindled my enthusiasm for the place. Which is good, because my inspiration for that one comic I plan on making one day (the Milne's Hollow aka Eyeboo comic) is directly tied to my fascination with the real Milne's Hollow. Going to try and hammer out the basic storyline over the summer!

The Internship
In other news, the internship's going well. I'm working at a small independent games company that makes apps for the iPhone/iPad. They keep me very busy, and involve me in a lot of the technical and brainstorming work that goes on behind making a concept/designing a game. It's neat for sure, though the spontaneous nature of the whole process will take some getting used to! They keep using terms/phrases I've never heard of, like "GDD", or "we've got a drop for this game coming up," etc. It's really a learn-as-you-go type of thing, and a bit confusing at times, but I am learning a bunch so that's what counts.

Regarding Awesome Things:
I just found out that in September there's gonna be a 5k Zombie Survival Race near my hometown! It looks awesome!! It's called "Run for Your Lives", where volunteers dress up as zombies and chase participants through a crazy obstacle course. You wear a belt with four ribbons or so attached and they represent your health; the zombies try to nab them from you to make you one of the undead. Apparently there are health bonuses hidden throughout the course, and other hidden surprises along the way. I think 'Zombie Survival Race' has been on my list of things to do before I die-- so I'm really gonna try and attend this thing!! SO MUCH FUN
Check it out!
Decided I'd give a quick update on the ol' dA!

The Chevelle Concert
Drove down to Rapids Theatre, Niagara USA on the 26th and saw Chevelle. They were predictably amazing! Excellent live sound, and Pete Loeffler's singing-scream is pretty awesome in person (I just wish it didn't get drowned out by the instruments so easily!). They opened up with Antisaint, continued on with some good classics (Letter From a Thief! Straight Jacket Fashion! I Get It!) and some 'meh' songs (Same Old Trip -_- Closure). They played the two songs I really wanted to hear, which was Clones off their new album, and Another Know it All, so I was ultimately pretty happy xD And, of course, the encore was The Red, and Face to the Floor.

Chevelle also did this weird thing before they came on stage.. a recording started up, all scratchy and odd, sounding like it had been reversed and garbled a bit. We were all pretty mystified as to what it was supposed to be, but then the band members actually walked out on stage and nobody gave it much thought anymore as they were too busy going nuts. But then, at the end of the show after the encore, the weird recording starts up again, but this time it fixes and reverses itself... and then slowly... no, it can't be... it IS... TROLOLO.

And the entire venue filled with the sound of "Trololololol, lololol, lololooo, lololololo!" Trolled by Chevelle! No one else I saw appeared to get it though. Me and my sister thought it was hilarious! THEY KNOW MEMES!! xD

On Art Internships & Preparing for Them
All you kids in highschool or in the beginnings of Art College, thinking of making a career in art: a few words of advice!

1) If you work digitally, start working at 300dpi, at least 8.5"x11" in size! You never know when you might want to use some of your older work in a portfolio, but can't because it's not high-res enough. You will lose out!

2) If people have told you that there isn't any work to be found in pursuing a career in graphic design, they are wrong. Everyone wants graphic designers! That's what the majority of job postings I've seen are calling for! Which is ironic because my whole life people told me "there're so many graphic designers out there, you'd never get a job!" so I became went with illustration instead -_-

3) Art-job type interviews are completely different from any regular student part-time summer job interviews you've probably been to. At regular interviews it's the standard They-Question, You-Answer, but with art interviews it's more like: They give you an overview of the company and the position, then You present your portfolio and somehow tie in all your pertinent skills and experience (since most of the time they will not ask you). I'm still working out how to do that, exactly.

That's all for now! Lightning's starting up and I think there may be a power-out soon |D
Been putting this off for a while, possibly due to a reason that includes "journals" and "are now deviations". It just weirds me out a little, see? Anywho! A quick update:

1) School is busy as usual! Been working hard and earning decent marks.. for the most part. We'll just say that painting is the media of the devil, and that all things Evil and Dastardly love jumping into vats of various pigments and then cramming themselves into acrylic paint tubes to be sold to unwitting art students. Oh and also, foamcore is composed of flattened Tomfoolery mixed delicately with a pinch of Whydoeseveryassignmenthavetobemountedanyways. On the bright side, I'm really enjoying my Graphic Design class.

2) Been planning some Tarot-card themed Idlewild fan art. Inspiration struck sometime in mid-October, when the monarch butterfly migration was moving through. Need to find time to work on it!

3) Also, I've been planning a campaign! Space-themed, with a bunch of different fandoms mashed unceremoniously together, because I get too caught up in the details if I attempt to make my own completely from scratch (which I did once, and ended up realizing that plot-wise, I'd written myself into a corner and thus had to end it... perhaps one day I can re-write it and start again! It was a lot of fun with such great characters).

4) I freakin' love the work that the Animation kids do/get to do. They get real live horses brought to the school to draw, and the Techies get live falcons/owls, and us Interpretive kids? Nada! The animation kids also get to draw a crapload of animals specifically for their assignments, while we in Illus have to draw people. Over and over! I understand that it's important to learn the human figure, but animals are just so much more entertaining to draw with so many different features to play with @_@ It's a real treat for me to wander down the Animation hallway and look at their work. Now that's inspiring stuff! Not what's in the Illustration hallway, I tells ya!

5) List of things I miss/want to do: play hockey or go skating, go on a roadtrip and listen to nothing but The Tragically Hip the whole way, have a LOTR extended edition or Jurassic Park marathon, rp like in the good ol' days, practice guitar more (learn more songs!!), buy Chevelle's new album whenever it comes out, go to Second Cup with Anuwolf and ObsidianHyena, eat some cheesecake, pet a tiny dog.


That's about everything vaguely interesting that's happened around here... and it ain't that interesting to begin with!
So I'm going into my third week of 3rd year Illustration at that Sheridan place. Man! Things definitely aren't as tough as the beginning of second year was-- first day of class we got nailed with that 100-picture project!-- but it still is a little disconcerting to feel myself settling back into that hunched-up, constant-tiredness state that college puts me into.

Buuut I am trying to make some changes this year! First off, I'm not gonna be late to classes. I'm gonna stay on a decent or semi-decent sleep schedule, gonna keep on track with my work, and make sure I do homework first, and hangouts later. I really want to avoid doing any all-nighters if I can! Plus I'm gonna try to keep pushing myself out of my shy-bubble. Last year I let myself settle into a familiar group of friends and didn't improve much because of it |D

On a random note, a few weeks before school started, I ran into two high school kids who were going into the Illustration and Fundies programs-- they looked so tiny and scared! I know I must have been the same back when I was new, too, but I swear I wasn't that small xD But I do love meeting new Illus/Fundies kids though, 'cause then I have a chance to warn them of things that I wasn't prepared for when I jumped into Illus (such as the mystery between Tech and Interpretive, and the school's large bias against digital art, oh goody) and also just to welcome them to the college and all, I dunno. Tips 'n trickz!

The teachers this year seem to be all right. The computers teacher is random and awesome; the other teachers seem okay in my book, but I still don't know what to make of my Graphic Design teacher. First class she kept shooting down everyone's opinion and acting high and mighty, but then second class she was joking around and being more chill. This makes for a confused Mer.

Gah, the spiders are back in my room again @_@ I cleaned it out thoroughly and sprayed Raid every once in a while and still...

the white spider walks here and there, they say,
as a speck, hidden in web and shadow..
..and everywhere his babies slip past my nets..

yeeeah it's getting late I'mma go now xD erg 1:30am, not good, Mer, not good.
EDIT: tornado watch and warnings for surrounding areas are over! Phew! Just had some thunderstorms is all, and I've seen worse!

So there's a tornado watch in effect for practically my entire province-- you tornado-alley Americans (or those who have had many tornado watches happen in their lives), I would like to ask: what level of concern does this require? There's never been a tornado watch for my city in my lifetime and therefore I'm not sure how seriously to take it. We never get tornadoes here, and if we do it's usually farther north and extremely rare. So, of course, this whole tornado watch business has me pretty nervous!! Should I bunker down in the basement or wait it out chillin' in my room? xD

Of course, the media is probably blowing it out of proportion but there are a bunch of tornado warnings for places just south of here. Arg, I hope it ends up being over-hyped nothingness. klasjdalkdjdsjd @_@

In other news:
- School's coming up soon, have chosen my elective: Criminology! Looking forward to seeing friends and classmates again, not so much looking forward to the classes. Well, except for Graphic Design and Electronic Media :3
- Summer job search was disappointingly unsuccessful. I was hired momentarily by a noFrills, but then they phoned me back a week later and informed me that they actually didn't have enough people to train me. Hmm.
- My new (as in recently acquired but old in age) Subaru suffered a $500 repair bill a month or two ago, and then a few weeks ago was rear-ended by someone who was busy changing the radio station. They were driving a Jeep. They had no damage. Poor Subaru got a nice bumper-shaped dent in its back hatch. But at least it looks like it's repairable! Man I hope they don't suddenly change their minds on that. This car was supposed to be for school and the transportation of needlessly huge art surfaces (any Sheridan kids recall those 3'x3' sails we had to carry through frikken campus?)

That's all for now!
Commission Information
I am now open for commissions! I will take up to three commissions at a time; the rest goes onto a waiting list which will be updated with each finished commission. The process will go like this: I will create a basic sketch of the commission; once that has been approved and payment recieved, I will begin working on the commission. I will send WIPs (Work-In-Progress) images at regular intervals throughout the image's creation to ensure that it meets all specifications. All payments must be either in $USD or $CAD and will be recieved through Paypal only.

If you are interested in commissioning me, please send me a note on dA that includes the following info:
- Commission type (Sketch, Flats, Full Digital)
- Style preferred, if any (based on the various styles seen in my gallery)
- Character to be drawn, with either a description or link to a Character Sheet/Reference
- Desired background, if applicable
- Any other informaton you think will be relevant to the commission
* Also feel free to ask me any questions you may have!

:pointr:Sketches- $10
Refined sketch of a character; can be full-body or portrait
Examples: radioactive-insanity.deviantar… radioactive-insanity.deviantar…
:pointr:Flat Colours- $15
Refined lineart, simple colouring, minimal shading, implied or simple background
Examples: radioactive-insanity.deviantar… radioactive-insanity.deviantar… radioactive-insanity.deviantar… radioactive-insanity.deviantar…
:pointr:Full Digital- $25
Fully rendered character with implied or basic background
Examples: radioactive-insanity.deviantar… radioactive-insanity.deviantar… radioactive-insanity.deviantar… radioactive-insanity.deviantar…
*additional $10 per added character
*prices are subject to change if the desired image is very complex

What I Will Draw
- Animals of all kinds (canines and felines being my stronger area)
- Nature (Trees, plantlife, rocks, etc)
- Creatures/Monsters/Mythical beings (dragons, chupacabras, werewolves, etc)
- Skulls/Skeletons/zombie-like critters
- Tattoo-like or tribal designs

What I Won't Draw
- People
- Buildings
- Excessive gore/violence (a little blood or a fight scene is ok though!)
- Anything sexual
As usual, life has kept me busy! I apologize for my inactivity; I'll try to keep up better with replying to comments and such! Here's a summary of life so far since my brain flounders at the thought of writing a more detailed entry:

1. The end of the school year: crazy
2. Road trip to Georgia to visit Anuwolf: awesome
3. Job search: discouraging
4. Kittens: adorable

Good day!
School's been keeping me pretty busy as usual (though it feels crazy-hectic lately) and so I haven't had much time for personal art. I really want to start practicing more with watercolours and maybe some scratchboard and acrylic stuff, too :eager: I need to improve my traditional art skills!

Right now I'm making trees for a diorama @_@ Very time-consuming. I could've just rolled some brown paper into tubes and called them trees, but no, my perfectionist side kicked in and demanded: "Paper base! Stuffed with tinfoil for support! Paper mache that shit to make the bark! Now dry it in the oven for over half an hour! Paint dat mutha! Repeat!!" And I still have to construct the people with their outfits and little swords @_@

Droves of geese keep flying by my window on their journey south.. and I keep seeing them out of the corner of my eye, and my sleep-deprived brain somehow translates "black speck moving at the edge of my vision" to "AAHHH A SPIDER OUT TO GET ME"

Google's got this Art Project out right now; it's pretty cool!
You can view well-known paintings and zoom in until you see the cracks in the paint. Makes viewing a piece like Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' completely different- we're so used to seeing text-book versions of the picture, all squashed and small, so that it looks like a pretty cohesive blend of paints.. but when you get up close to it, you really see how rough the work actually is.

Finally found some time to update my "Idear" and "Cat Stages of Life" T-shirt designs! I would really appreciate it if you, dear reader, could take the time to have a gander and let me know if you have any suggestions/critiques! If you don't have a Threadless account, feel free to leave me a comment here if you feel so inclined ^^

The Other Stuff
Well I'm on the last week of my three-week break. The break's been nice, but the stress is starting to eek back into existence since my time's now ticking down: I need to go out and buy interview clothes, and then start handing out resumes and job applications when I get back to Oakville. I'm also thinking about opening up some commissions here on dA—a bit hesitant about that, though, since school has been so hectic thus far! Would anyone be interested in commissions from me, anyways? xD I think if I did do commissions, I'd probably offer ones in the style of Lifespan since it's a bit less time-consuming and more fun to work on.

I am looking forward to seeing my lol-crew again though! (Michatah, WithoutName, and Valhalrion!)

I will miss my sisters though; it's been a while since we were all together like this. ObsidianHyena stays at the house in Awesometown while I head back to Everything's-So-Damn-Spread-Out-ville and Anuwolf will be flying back out to Georgia soon. I will also miss the cat we're to be looking after for this week! He belongs to a friend of Obsid's and his name's Spade and he is ADORABLE but SLEEP-DEPRIVING xD

He wears a jingly little collar (helpful since he's jet black and is thus hard to see sometimes, especially since he likes to slink about in small dark spaces so often) and has a habit of mewing and stepping on you once 6am rolls around. Apparently his owner always wakes up around 6, and the darn thing expects me to wake up around then, too xD I feel too bad for him to just shut him out of my room at night (he'd just body-check and headbutt the door anyways) so I keep it open for him to stroll in and mew and pull things down from my shelves in the middle of the night |D Sooo I haven't been getting good sleeps lately.. Spade's still adorable though xD Pure yellow eyes and a defined little muzzle, very playful and 'rolly-polly' (AKA rolls around on the floor and lets you pet his tummy).

He's still very reluctant to leave the top floor of the house though, which is problematic since his food, water, and litter box are all on the lower levels. Last night me and Anu had to carry him (kicking and struggling all the way) down to the basement to his litterbox to try and coax him to do his business. After that, I tried to get him to go to the main floor so he could drink and eat, but he seemed set on exploring every inch of the basement first so I left him to it xD

Anywho, tha's all for now!
I've submitted my "I Has An Idear" AND now my "Cat Stages of Life" designs to Threadless for critique!

:iconimhappyplz:… :iconurhappyplz: IDEAR

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Let me know any ways you think I could improve the design, or what you think works, etc! SPREAD THE WERD!!

ALSO! If you do not have a Threadless account, feel free to comment on this journal with suggestions & critiques!
I think I may actually pull an all-nighter this time o.o Only time will tell.. it's 5:30am and I've still got four more pics to go before this project is done @_@ Oh joy!


at least this means I won't be late for class.. T_T;;
So yesterday I returned to my beloved college! My schedule's all right; there's only one 8am class (which is great for me since I am definitely not a morning person!) but of course there's always a downside to the upside: the class I have at 8am is Painting. And man, do I ever struggle with that class! Also apparently the teacher is a bit of a control-freak that'll mask her true nature with a facade of sickening kindness (kind of like Umbridge from Harry Potter). I'm glad though because I've got one of my favourite teachers in my schedule (he's real chill) so that's good and will hopefully balance out Mrs. Kind-But-Not lol.

On another note, Alexisonfire is playing at my school in the pub on Friday! Crazy, eh? But the tix have already sold out (I am dissapoint!). Ah well, hopefully there'll be more awesome bands coming by later on in the year.

It's great seeing all my college-friends again, though. I keep meeting such awesome and nice down-to-earth people here; it's such a contrast to my high school experience. Also! I've moved into an apartment with some friends I made last year, and it's pretty cool! Plus they have a cat, and even though it tries to bite me I think we've resolved our differences and have arrived at a truce xD
SO CUTE!!!1eleven

The one thing I don't like about living here in Everything's-So-Damn-Spread-Out-ville is that, without a car, your options for fun-tiems are very limited. The only options really, are to walk in the woods.. or to the small-ish mall. But really I can't complain; I'm a 5-minute walk from the school and I do love the school and the peeps here, so eh, I'm happy xD

Woo! I guess I should get some sleep now. Peace out!